Widder Stephens Feb 21 Match Results

The debut "Widder Stephens" FT match is now history. Wooo Weee, latch the shutters and get in the hall closet, there's a twister a comin'. It was more than windy with sustained winds of 15-20 mph and gusts up to 35 mph....and the gusts were sustained...LOL. Also the wind was changing directions constantly. On several of the distant targets it wasn't uncommon to have to hold completely off the target to hit the KZ.

Well now that the excuses are out of the way the scoring was like this:

Harold Rushton USFT 51
Roz Sumpter MFR 49
David Brown USFT 42
David Slade MFR 39
Pat O'Brien USFT 25

Anden Huben TX200SR 26
Kevin Blankenship TX200 25
Steve Vines TX200 20
John Blount Gamo Shadow 17

Charles Garvey MFR 33
Shane Iceberg R9 14

Harold continues to dominate. His 51 and Roz's 49 were crazy insane in these conditions. I shot with David Slade and Steve Vines today. It's always nice to shoot with those fellows...good conversation with a bit of humor thrown in. It makes for a pleasant match. David pulled his gun out of the closet when he was leaving for the match. It hasn't seen daylight since October. That 39 was mighty impressive. Steve, Anden, Kevin, John, and Shane were all shooting at 12fpe or near that with light pellets. I don't know how they hit a single KZ considering the wind. Charles continues to do well shooting hunter class.

I really appreciate all the participation and the help setting up and packing up. The guys just pitched in and got to work after the match and rolled strings, pulled stakes, and packed up targets. It was such a great help. There's not a better group of guys/gal to shoot with.

Dottie was there as was Martin. It's always good to see them. All that came made the debut match a big success. Thanks Yall.

Harold and Roz really helped. They helped scout the site and make valuable suggestions. Harold even designed the club logo.

Kevin installed a V-Mach kit in his TX. What a difference it made. It's not recoilless but it barely makes a noise and barely moves and that's shooting 13+ fpe. He is shooting well and this was only his 3rd or 4th match.

After the match most of us met at Rick's Barbeque and had good food and conversation.

Roz and Harold
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David Slade
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John and Anden
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Kevin and Shane
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Standing L>R: Martin, Harold, John, Steve, Shane, David S, Kevin, Dottie, Roz, Anden, Pat, and Charles.
Kneeling: Yours Truly