Widder Stephens May 23 Match Report

Saturday morning, the 23rd of May, The Widder Stephens Field Target Club in Etheridge TN hosted its 2nd match of 2009. David Brown went to his usual great lengths to prepare a challenging and well-laid out course and set up all the facilities for everyone. Thanks David, we all appreciate the care and energy you pour into the club.

The weather here in Middle Tennessee was just about perfect for a day of shooting. Temperatures stayed comfortably in the 70's for the most part. It was a bit overcast, and the "possible thunderstorms" never appeared. though a few sprinkles fell for a moment or two. After a short sight-in period we gathered together for the shooters meeting and we were off

The course had really changed since the last Match a several months back. Continuous rain had made the course too wet and muddy to shoot most of this spring, but it was looking beautiful today. Lush oaks shade most of the course this time of year, and greenery is everywhere now. The last time we shot here the trees were bare and dead leaves were blowing all around us in 35 mph sustained gusts. Big difference this time around!

Although the wind wasn't nearly as fierce as the last match, today it was pulsing from east to west, but with a lot of southerly blasts mixed in to keep everything interesting. As confusing as the gusty, shifting winds were, there was still a lot of good shooting going on. Many, if not most, shots required holding completely off the KZs to various degrees. Still, everybody's spirits were high, for it was far too nice a day to let a little breeze dampen our moods!

Although the turn-out wasn't as large as we would have liked, we still had a gathering of the usual suspects; David Brown, Roz Sumpter, Pat O'Brien, Steve Vines, Charles Garvey, Harold Rushton, David Slade and Dottie and myself. Our many other regulars were certainly missed and we hope to see them again next weekend for another regular GOB Club Match in Pulaski.

After the match we all gathered at Ricks BBQ for some fine Southern BBQ and, of course, more air gunning and FT talk. Who could ask for more?

Here are the today's results:


55 Roz Sumpter MFR
54 David Brown USFT
32 Pat OBrien USFT Carbine Nikko 10-50
30 Dottie MFR BSA 10-60


46 Harold Rushton Whiscombe JW65 .22 Bushnell 8-32x40
27 Steve Vines TX 200 Bushnell 8-32x40


41 David Slade MFR Bausch and Lomb 6-24


33 Shane Iceberg TX 200 HC Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x56


42 Charles Garvey USFT Nikko 10-50