WWCCA July 12, 2009 Field Target Match Report

Our third field target event was blessed with wonderful weather. The dayís temperature hovered around eighty degrees, with sunshine and a light breeze. Bill Dodt, Fritz Sanders, my brother Joe and I set up the ranges on Saturday as is our usual practice. The mosquitoes are ravenous this time of year in Michigan but we got the job done. Joe and I cleared the field target lanes while Bill and Fritz set up the practice range. We then all went out to the walk through range and placed the field targets on the course. Joe and I made up some new bases for the targets as many of them are rotting out pretty bad, I wanted to be able to place more targets in elevated positions in the trees for a better variety of target placement. Overall the course was to our liking and with the input of Bill and Fritz, I believe we set up a good course and it was not quite as challenging as last monthís course and the scores seem to bear that out.

On Sunday, Fritz didnít compete as he was having problems with his gun he but did shoot on the practice range. While on the practice range my Pro-Sport would not cock after about 20 shots, so Karen and I shot together. It was the first time I had competed with her HW-97, which I enjoyed shooting very much.  Eric Sanders was paired with Gerald and Andy, two of our newer shooters and they are starting to get the hang of field targets. Bill Dodt was shooting with Bob Schlund and they both shot well and it was only Bobís second go at field target and improved his score in spite of shooting a springer this month. Well done Bob.

Name Gun Scope Pellet Score Class
Eric Sanders Steyr LG 100 BSA 10-50X60 CPH .177 50 PCP
Tim Engelhardt HW-97K Nikko 10-50X60 CPL .177 40 Piston
Bill Dodt TX-200 Simmons 6-18X40 JSB L .177 30 Piston
Karen Engelhardt HW-97K Nikko 10-50X60 CPL .177 21 Piston
Andy Wong TX-200 Nacstar 8-32X50 CPL .177 21 Piston
Bob Schlund RWS 48 Leapers 4-16X56 RWS Superdome .22 13 Piston
Gerald Smith RWS 54 BSA 4-12 CPL 12 Piston Hunter

The Troyer rating was calculated at 34.1 this month which was not quite as difficult as last month but was still very challenging. We will not be shooting in August as we are expecting our first grandchild then but we will be back in September. Please keep us and our youngest daughter Angela in prayer for a healthy baby boy. Hope to see you in September.

Tim Engelhardt

WWWCA Air gun Chairman