WWCCA June 14th 2009 Field Target Report

We had a perfect day for our second match of the 2009 season. The weather was beautiful and sunny with some intermittent high clouds, light winds and 72 degree temperatures. The walk through range had dried up enough to set up a course and with the help of my brother Joe we cut the lanes and cleared the range on Friday. We still have standing water on about half of the range but we were able to get 10 lanes set for the 60 shot match. Karen and Bill Dodt set up the practice range on Saturday while I went back out to the walk through range for a final weed clearing for Sunday. Then we then set up the field target course and called it a day. Karen and I arrived at 7:30 on Sunday and did a quick measurement of the targets but I am not so sure how accurate we were on the long ones we were short I think.

The 14 shooters were encouraging to us and seeing new shooters give field target try was even better as they will be the future of the sport.  Eric Sanders brought Natalie his daughter and they shot Ericís Styer with which Natalie had shot a very good score for her first field target event. Andy Wong shot his first match last month and brought his friend Marc Stewart along and he mentioned that precision shooting is sure different on the wooded range. Jeff Paddock drove up from Ohio to join us and he was paired up with BB Gun Bob Schlund for his first try at field target shooting. Jeff and Bob both were using Benjamin Discovery's. Jeff had modified his to shoot in the 12 foot pound class with one of his custom Field Target stocks attached to it. BB Gun Bob lengthened the pull on his factory stock and refinished the wood to a beautiful high gloss finish. I might have to pick one up for my wife. Karen shot with Jim Stanis and according to my wife she picked up some good tips from Jim. My wife actually cleared her first lane ever and the whole range knew she was happy about something. Bill Dodt and Fritz Sanders were together and Bill had 3 more hits than Fritz who had some scope issues on the course. Gerrald Smith returned with his grandson Charlie Smith-Firman and Charlie thought that our trained rabbit in the lane was a cool target until he saw it move. Charlie also hit metal on most of the shots he took, and that is quite an improvement over his first shoot, great job Charlie. I was paired with Steve Sibal and we both really enjoyed shooting on the wooded lanes but the targets were maybe a little bit smaller than I would have liked, am I bad. I am still learning how to do things without Rick Stoutenberg and Dan Delproposto to seek advice from. The scores were a bit lower than last month but I attribute that to dark lanes as much as the kill zone size. 


WWCCA June 14 2009 Match Results (Troyer 35.4)

Jim Stanis Theoben Mk II Leupold .177 JSB Maruec Air Tool PCP 54
Jeff Paddock Benjamin Discovery Leapers 8-32 .177 CPL   International PCP 51
Eric Sanders LG 100 ZM BSA 10-50X60 .177 CPH   PCP 51
Steve Sibal NJR-100 Tasco 8-40 .177 CPH Slick 50 PCP 39
Tim Engelhardt Air Arms Prosport Bushnell 6-24X40 .177 JSB L   Piston 34
Natalie Sanders LG 100 ZM BSA 10-50X60 .177 CPH   PCP 28
Bill Dodt TX 200 Simmons 6.5-20X40 .177 JSB L   Piston 26
Fritz Sanders TX 200 HC Swift 8-32X50 .177 CPL   Piston 23
Karen Engelhardt HW-97K Nikko 10-50X60 .177 CPL   Piston 19
Andy Wong TX -200 BSA 6-24 .177 CPL   Piston 10
Gerrald Smith RWS 54 Bushnell 4-12 .177 CPL   Hunter Piston 9
Bob Schlund Benjamin Discovery Bug Buster .177 ??   Hunter PCP 9
Marc Stewart TX-200 BSA 6-24 .177 CPL   Piston 3
Charlie Smith-Firman Barnett Spitfire Bushnell 4X .177 CPL   Hunter Piston 1

Everyone stayed to help clean up the course although several had to leave before we were completed. Your help is always much appreciated as it is a big job to clean up and put every thing away. Seven of us stayed for lunch after the match as we waited for the results of the event. We all enjoyed the fellowship, air gun talk and the good food. Hopefully we will gain a few more shooters for our matches and from most of the new comers said I believe that will be the case. Our next field target match is scheduled for July 12, 2009 and we hope to see everyone then. Be safe, shoot straight and God Bless.

Tim Engelhardt

WWCCA Air Gun Chairman