Yegua Field Target Match - FEBRUARY

The wind was blowing hard but it was no match for Scott York's stellar performance in PCP. The second half of the York trio(Raschel) came in a close second. I did over hear a comment that Scott was talking in her back swing more the once that afternoon that helped her/his performance.

Carlos won hunter class, Bobby Roberts won international Class and Leo Duran won Piston Class.

The group also shot IFTP this day and yet again Rocket Ron was the winner in both classes Scope & Iron Sight. But in Scope class Bob Roberts gave Ron a run for his money which had to be decided in a shoot-off. There was also a tie for third that involved a shoot-off between Mike and Carlos in which Mike walked off as the victor.

I had not been to the range in a few months and I will have to tell you all that the range is in amazing shape. There have also been some improvements made to the facilities that make for an even better venue for FT matches. The club has worked very hard to make the ROT a great event. If you where not planning on attending the ROT event you are going to miss on one heck of a good time. We had a taste of some of the targets that can be laid out on this venue and you will not be disappointed. I hear Scott has some great targets planned for the shoot.

FEBRUARY 2008 - Field Target Match Results


Scott York-40/42-1st PCP
Raschel York-38-2nd PCP
Phil Reedy-37-PCP
Carlos Garza-36-1st Hunter
Bob Duncan-35-PCP
Mike Vredenburg-35-PCP
Paul Conover-34-PCP
Ron Robinson-34-2nd Hunter
Leo Duran-32-Piston
Bobby Roberts-31-International
Eric Branch-30-Hunter
Nathan Roberts-22-International
Jim Sheffield-14-Hunter

International Field Target Pistol Scope

Ron Robinson-26/36-1st - Shoot-off
Bobby Roberts-26-2nd
Mike Vredenburg-23-3rd - Shoot-off
Carlos Garza-23
Sam Ramirez-21
Leo Duran-19
Eric Branch-11

International Field Target Pistol Iron-Site

Ron Robinson-13/36
Sam Ramirez-12