Airgunners of Arizona Field Target Match Report

June 19, 2010 Mormon Lake, AZ

It has been 9 long months since we last shot at this venue, which is about 20 miles south of Flagstaff in northern Arizona, and I still marvel at how beautiful it is. The sun was shining brightly and there was not a cloud in the sky. I cannot adequately describe the color of blue that the sky appeared, so I will just say it was blue. Use your imagination. The temperature was nice and mild and made for a perfect day of shooting air guns with a wonderful group of friends.

Several club members showed up on Friday to camp at the site for the weekend, and also to help Steve Montgomery set up this challenging course. What made this particularly challenging was the combination of target placement in and amongst the vegetation, effective use of shadows to hide the targets, and the WIND! Boy, did it get windy, which resulted in leaves and branches swaying in front of the targets and making for some difficult shots. You knew the targets were there, and you could see them, but could not get a clear path to place a good shot.

Steve had us sitting IN a thicket of scrub oak, standing on either side of a dead tree which was ready to fall over, and in the shade under the sprawling trees in the meadow. The layout was so interesting that a number of us were ready to duct tape him to a tree somewhere. More than a few of the targets were set in such a way that you had to thread the needle between the leaves with the wind blowing as it was. This caused more than a few shooters to talk to themselves and view the targets in disbelief, while the girls were giggling, but everyone was having a great time.

I was paired with Steve Timarac, aka Gabby Hayes (with the front of his hat flipped up), and watching his contortions to get into and out of some of these shooting positions was almost comical. I am certain that others were having challenges with this which probably caused some of the overheard dialog and giggling up and down the line. This may have been the rationale for wanting to duct tape Steve to a tree; LOL. Aside from all of this, Mr. Montgomery had the targets intermixed between really short and really long. This caused me some concern after missing targets on 3 lanes straight until figuring out that I was a full rotation off on my scope elevation turret.again. I seem to do that quite often, but I think I have figured out how to overcome that dilemma.

Despite the elements, and my brain fart, there were some very good scores shot, resulting in several shoot-offs at the end of the match. Husband and wife, Dale & Debbie Keiser tied for high score with matching 37 out of 40. In the ensuing shoot off, they went 4 rounds before Dale barely missed a shot, which gave Debbie Match Winner and Dale First place in PCP class.

There were 4 shooters tied with 34 out of 40. Robin Montgomery, Scott Jones, Bobby Corcorran, and Larry Piercy set up on the shoot off line and went 3 rounds in sudden death before Robin missed a shot. Then it went another 4 rounds before Larry, shooting a .20 cal put a pellet cleanly through the .25 diameter hole to take 2nd place. 2 rounds later, Bobby knocked it over, with Scott missing, to take 3rd. All in all, it was a very exciting shoot off.

Here are the scores:

Steve Montgomery slapped a 12x scope on his USFT in order to shoot HFT and ended up winning with a very nice 33. Jim Russell was our only piston shooter. He managed to bump his scope, to be politically correct in describing what happened. He re-sighted during the match and still managed a very respectable 17.

Afterwards we chatted while eating lunch and discussed the upcoming matches for the remainder of this year and for all of next year. It was decided that we will utilize the 3rd Saturday of each month once again for our matches to eliminate any confusion. We shifted the matches this past year in order to accommodate those who could not make it on the 3rd Saturday. This did not materialize, so we are going back to our original scheduling.

We will be shooting at Mormon Lake for the next 3 months, culminating with the state championship in September. If you are planning to attend, it is not too early to book a cabin or room at the Mormon Lake Lodge, or camp on site. The lodge is only a few miles down the road and has a wonderful steak house. That is were I will be!

Many thanks go to Steve and Robin Montgomery for the range setup and hosting this month. Special thanks go to Jim Russell and Steve Timarac for assisting with the range set up. Your collective efforts are greatly appreciated.

Until next month, practice, practice, practice and keep that lead flying down range.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Kauffman
Secretary / Airgunners of Arizona