Airgunners of Arizona Field Target Report 

August 21, 2010 Mormon Lake, AZ 

22 shooters congregated on a sultry Saturday morning for our monthly field target shoot. The sky was full of big, puffy, slow-moving cumulous clouds and bright sunshine, but the air was still, with hardly a breeze. That changed during the match as we were entertained with swirling light winds that kept you guessing where to hold your sights on the targets. 

Steve and Robin Montgomery, assisted by Scott Rogers, set up 12 lanes, each with 2 targets for a 48 shot match. This will be our standard course set-up combined with a 9:30 am start time. The actual shooting line was in a straight line with 6 lanes on each side of the sight in range and extended across the meadows and wooded areas. It was a bit of a hike from lane 12 (the duct tape lane) back over to lane 1. 

Shooting line looking west. Although Steve Montgomery did not shoot in competition this month, he played with his springer. But what happened to his pants??? 

Because this is federal land and is also leased to local ranchers, we had a sizable herd of cattle roam through the area behind the shooting lanes and off to the east, pausing long enough to eyeball us for a bit and then move on. We kept watch of them off in the distance to make sure that they did not wander directly into range or the line of fire. 

With the recent rains, the grasses and trees were lush and green and provided the guys with many deviously positioned target placements. Lane 12 was dubbed the duct tape lane because of this. These guys placed the opossum target underneath a fallen log and set back far enough so that you needed to go low prone just to see the thing. Target 2 on that lane was a turkey head that blended in well with shadows and was a standing shot. Shadow and dappled sunshine created other interesting positioning and was compounded by the light wind causing lots of movement which changed the picture constantly. This still made for a very tranquil and relaxing environment, and any built up stress from the previous week just melted away. 

I was squadded with Mary Anne this month. She was merrily dropping target after target initially, but started to miss the longer ones. On trying to refill her rifle she noticed air was leaking only to find that a seal had broken. She finished out the match by sharing my gun. Although her score did not indicate it, she was shooting very well. 

We had a first time shooter with us this month, too. Greg Frostads oldest son, Odin, shot his first match in HFT and did well. Odin is known to us as Mr. Personality because of his outgoing and friendly disposition for being such a youngster. Dad coached him through his first shoot and was quite proud of him. 

Speaking of proud, Jay and Holli Bronaugh are quite proud of the progress that their kids, Perry and Tessa are making. This is a family endeavor for them with 4 matching Benjamin Discoverys being shot. We are gratified to have so many couples shooting together and even more so with family participation. It just does not get any better than that. 

The scores this month were very good considering the difficulty of the course. The guys wanted to make sure I could not duplicate my performance from last month and made this match particularly challenging. As mentioned earlier, lane 12 was dubbed the duct tape lane because we were ready to duct tape Steve and Scott to the same tree and just leave them there. They had to have been giggling to themselves for some of the diabolical target placements. All in all, they set up a terrific course and we thank them for that. They did a wonderful job and we are very appreciative. 

This months match winner was Bobby Corcorran who dropped only 2 points out of 48. Robin Montgomery and Larry Piercy were tied for 2nd place, but because of a prior commitment by Larry and causing him to exit early, he conceded 2nd to Robin and accepted 3rd. Sorry, no shoot-offs this month. Dan Jones took 1st HFT with Jay Bronaugh really coming on strong with his scores to finish in 2nd. Jim Russell, once again took the top spot in Piston against a restricted field of competitors. Here are the scores: 

[linked image]

Next month is the AZ state championship; a 2 day match on Sept 18 and 19, at Mormon Lake. After posting the match bulletin on the various forums and sending it to the email list, we already have over 25 entrees and can easily accommodate 48 shooters; more if we triple up on lanes. We plan a 96 shot match: 24 lanes with 2 targets per lane. The shooters will be split into 2 groups with one group shooting the odd numbered lanes one day and the even numbered lanes the next. The other group will do the same but will start with the even numbers and finish with the odd numbers. If you plan on staying at the Mormon Lake lodge, please contact Tamara Hayden at the reservation desk and let her know you are with Airgunners of Arizona. The lodge is only about 6 miles from the match venue whereas lodging in Flagstaff is about 15 to 20 miles, depending upon motel location. Please contact me via email ( SOON so that I can add you to the list and take care of other preliminaries. We currently have folks coming from CASA and Diablo in CA, and wacky Wayne Burns is coming from OR and will grace us with his presence. One other character from PA has threatened to join us if he can get out this way on business, and Greg and Roald might saunter up from Sierra Vista, too. It looks to be an even better attended match than last year. 

In addition to thanking Steve and Scott for setting up the match and taking the targets down afterwards (we have to talk about that folks), I want to thank Dan Jones for providing some great target photos. 

Until then, practice, practice, practice. 

Respectfully submitted, 
Mark Kauffman 
Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona