Airgunners of Arizona Field Target Match Report

July 17, 2010 Mormon Lake, AZ

Did you ever have one of those days, where everything you did, and how you did it, fell into place just about as perfect as it could be? Well, I had one of those days, and I will explain shortly.

[linked image]
Group shot. Missing from photo was George Gardner (had to get on the road early) and Fan Boyett, who was taking the picture.

We had 17 shooters gather on a cloudy, warm, and muggy day in northern Arizona to shoot our monthly field target match. Considering the weather from the week previous, Scott Rogers, our match director for this month, was planning for wind, that didn't develop when he plotted this months course. It rained almost every day this past week in Flagstaff area (It is the monsoon season in AZ, after all), and the road coming into the site was muddy and the ground was soft. As things worked out, the rain held out until we were finished shooting and only had brief showers with the heavier rain passing to the north of us.

Scott, with the help of Mary Anne M., Steve M. and Larry N., put together a very interesting course consisting of 11 lanes, each with 2 targets, for a 44 shot match. He also did a really neat job of painting some of the targets since last months match. I never knew that he was artistically inclined, and you would have to have been there to chuckle at some of the sights encountered when first looking through your scope at each target, such as the weasel wearing red sneakers. With his devious little mind at work, he laid out the course with long and short targets on the same lanes to befuddle those who click sight adjustments into their scopes (like me), but forget to turn back to zero (like me) before going to the next target.

The venue that we use is called Perry Lake pit, named for the very deep gravel pit immediately to the north of our shooting area. Those who have shot here before know this pit well. It has been used for some very curious target placements, and this match would be no different. Scott turned it into the snake pit. From the highest point on the southern berm of the pit, he had 2 snake targets positioned at the bottom of the pit, the farthest being every bit of 55 yards, if not more, and on a downhill angle of about 30 degrees. If the wind that we had last month would have been present this month, this target, and the rest of the course, would have been very difficult.

This month I had distinct pleasure of being paired with George Gardner, from Idaho Falls, ID. We had a great time shooting together, and I was duly impressed with the Crosman carbine that he converted to HPA and shooting 11 fpe. That is a neat little gun and George made some incredible shots with it. He stated that he, with the help of Vince Pacheco, will be swapping out the barrel in the near future to gain more accuracy and power. He and Linda, his lovely wife, traveled here with Vince and Fan, whom they were visiting in CA. Vince supposedly brought along a right handed USFT gun that Fan, who is left handed, could not shoot. He teasingly said that he was tired of her beating him at each match.LOL. I'm sure he will pay dearly for that faux pas! Vince, make your life a lot easier and just get that dear girl her own gun. Nuff said.

Greg Frostad returned again this month from NM, bringing his family along also. Curiously absent were Bonni Jo and Ron Drye and also Sandy Corcorran. We missed you guys! Dale and Debbie also had other commitments and could not attend. We were glad to see Ray Horneman return after his recent health scare, along with Larry Nelson. Welcome back! We have a great group of people that comprise our little club and become concerned when we dont see them each month. They are all part of an extended family.

Speaking of family, one of our members, Obie Morales and his wife Joanne have a brand new member to their family. Joanne gave birth to a baby boy on the Tuesday following last months match. Airgunners of Arizona extends congratulations to the proud new parents.

I mentioned earlier about things going perfectly. Well, the shooting gods (for some reason or other) were smiling down on me! I CLEANED THE COURSE! I have made some really bone-headed mistakes at past matches like forgetting to close the bolt on the gun and firing a shot, or forgetting to turn my scope knob back to zero after a long / short shot and then over-rotating the turret. Well, I did not do any of those things at this match. Thanks to the help of Steve Timarac, who assisted with a modification of my scope knob, I will never make that particular mistake again. As for some of the other examples of forgetfulness, time will tell. But this match and this score I will remember and cherish forever!

Here are the scores. Notice that mine is on top.LOL I don't like to toot my own horn, but this accomplishment is one that I am rather proud of.

Class Place Shooter Score/44 Gun Scope Pellet
  1 Mark Kauffman 44 Daystate CRX Bushnell 6-24 JSB
  2 Scott Rogers 42 USFT Nikko 20-50 JSBEH
  3 Scott Jones 40 Daystate Huntsman Nikko 10-40 JSBEH
  4 Bobby Corcorran 38 USFT Bushnell 8-32 CPH
  4 Robin Montgomery 38 USFT Nikko 10-50 JSBEH
  5 Larry Piercy 36 Daystate CRX ProCustom 8-40 CP .22
  6 Larry Nelson 35 USFT Hawk 8-32 CPH
  7 Mary Anne McLeod 32 Steyr Bushnell 8-32 JSBEH
  8 Steve Timarac 31 USFT Nikko 10-50 CPH
  8 Greg Frostad 31 FX Tarantula Tasco 36 JSBEH
  10 Rio Grassmick 27 Steyr Bushnell 8-32 JCBEH
  10 George Gardner 27 Crosman Bushnell 4-16 CPL
  1 Steve Montgomery 41 USFT Bushnell 3-12 JSBEH
  2 Dan Jones 34 Daystate CrX Nikko 12 JSB
  3 Ray Homermann 18 Brocock Nikko 12 CPH
  1 Jim Russell AA TX200 Bushnell 8-24 JXB  

Our next match will be Saturday, August 21. We will be starting the match 30 minutes earlier (9:30 instead of 10:00) for all future matches and have a 48 shot match instead of 40. This is to give everyone more of an opportunity to shoot a bit more. We may even try some novelty type matches, such as golf scoring, so stay tuned.

Many thanks to Scott, Larry N., Mary Anne M., and Steve M. for setting up the course, and also to Fan Boyett for graciously taking all the photos. All of you did a wonderful job.

Until next month, practice, practice, practice.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Kauffman