Arizona State Field Target Championship Report 

September 18 & 19, 2010 Mormon Lake, AZ 

As I sit here figuring out how I want to report on the festivities of this past weekend, and the fact that I am taking a vacation day to recover and/or recuperate from it, I keep drifting back to all the fun we had with everyone who participated, including the evening gatherings at the steak house at the Mormon Lake Lodge. 

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I could tell you about the weather conditions, which was perfect as usual, or the venue we were shooting at, which was perfect as usual, or the great times that we had, which were perfect as usual, but the gentle readers out there might be getting bored with this approach. Yadda, yadda, yadda, you're thinking. Well, bite me! It was a perfect weekend for the AZ state field target championships. We just happen to live in Airgun paradise, and I am not going to apologize for that. I will break it down into segments to give you a visual idea of how things went together. 

Friday. Set up day. I got to the site just behind Scott Rogers, only to find out that Tony (CA), Ronnie (CA), and Wacky Wayne (OR) were already there. As it turns out, I got a phone call from Tony on Thursday while I was still at work down in Phoenix, Hey, were here. Where can we shoot? Great! Anyway, they were waiting for us on Friday morning. These three guys started to separate the targets for us as Scott and I started walking the area and marking the lanes. We planned on setting up 24 lanes, each with 2 targets. With the lane locations selected and plotted on paper, we matched the targets with the layout and staged them at each lanes firing line. The targets were carefully placed into position from there. I say carefully, because of the need to make the course challenging. While sitting on the firing line, I would direct one of the guys on where to move. Farther out. Yeah, keep going. There! Now move left. No, your other left. There! Can you see me through those trees? I would get a response something like, Are you frickin putting me on? Well, that is the way the set up went. We threaded the needle on more than a few target placements. Were just trying to make life interesting. 

During this time frame, some of the other club members and competitors showed up, with most pitching in to assist with the set up. What makes the set up a challenge, at times, is anchoring the targets in the volcanic soil (loose) or hammering the pins between the rocks in the pit. By the end of the day, we were ready to go, with just a few more targets needed. The club only owns so many targets and we borrowed some of the members personal targets, for which we are very appreciative (Thanks Scott and Bobby). 

The Course: Perry Lake pit is a gravel pit / stone quarry located on National forest land. It is shaped somewhat like a horseshoe with the open end facing approximately north. This pit was excavated from the side of a slope until the toe area became rather deep. We started lane placement on the east side at the top of the pit with the first 2 lanes facing east across an open meadow, and the next 2 lanes facing northeast through an area of fallen and tangled tree limbs and low scrub. The next 6 lanes were downhill into the pit. These were on angles of approximately 15 degrees up to 45 degrees of downward pitch. Lanes 11 and 12 were on the west side of the pit, facing north with long, gradual slopes that are open to the wind. This would make up the first half of the course with all of the shooting being done in a northerly direction. 

The 2nd half of the course paralleled the first half but was about 100 yards to the south with targets placed to provide a southerly shooting direction. The access road enters from the west and splits the northern and southern portions of the course. This southern side has a lot of heavily wooded and open areas interspersed with lots of target placement options. To counter the downhill shots on the first half, we had a squirrel and an opossum mounted about 20 feet or so up in the trees at one location and standing shots at other locations. All shooting lanes were separated by about 15 to 20 yards between each. 

The sight in range was positioned on the far east side of the target lanes with lane number 1 to the east and wrapping around counter clockwise and ending with lane number 24 on the west side of the sight in range. The shooting lanes wrapped around the camping area so access was within walking distance. Walking around the entire course amounted to about 500 yards, which was easy for a pack mule. Unfortunately, we were fresh out of pack mules and had to carry our own gear. 

Saturday. We got started a bit late due to tweaking of the target bases to make sure they were positively anchored and to attach the reset strings. We had our shooters meeting, safety rules were reviewed, and lane assignments handed out. I was paired up with Rich Woods from CA, who proved to be a jovial partner for the day. The sun and clouds, coupled with the shade from the trees made for a very pleasant walkabout with stops here and there to knock down targets. We were shooting the even numbered lanes today, so we were leap-frogging the other competitors. Half of the shooters were on the even numbered targets, while the other half shot the odd numbered targets. Each pair of lanes is laid out similarly so that everyone will have the same shooting conditions. At the end of shooting, there were 6 shooters with a score of 40 or better, with Steve Montgomery and club president Larry Piercy tied with 44 out of 48. Phenomenal shooting! 

After the first days shooting was finished, we broke for lunch. Debbie Keiser was assisted by Bonni Jo (Papparazzi) Drye, (our official photographer for the weekend) and Pam Tlapa in putting out all the lunch fixings. While the troops were busy munching, we posted scores and got ready for our annual raffle. 

Raffle. Each year Airguns of Arizona, along with their various vendors, donate merchandise for the raffle. We sell tickets, draw numbers, and lucky shooters win these prizes. Airgunners of Arizona is very grateful for this consideration and wishes to thank FX, Primal Gun Gear, Umarex, Hawke, JSB, Daystate, Daisy, and especially Airguns of Arizona for their generosity in providing a pump, bum bag, scope and mounts, a bb gun, an air pistol, pistol case, Williams peep sight, lots and lots of pellets, and a 4500 psi carbon fiber air tank and fittings. The proceeds of the raffle are used to cover the cost of venue leases, insurance, various other expenses and purchase of additional targets. 

The lucky winners were spread out pretty evenly amongst those present and everyone went away happy, some happier than others. Bobby Corcorran, long time club member and tireless worker, came away as the big winner with the tank and fittings. He most assuredly deserved that. 

Pistol Field Target. Club member and vocal yellow & field target forum contributor, Ric Grassmick took it upon himself to bring along his home made targets and set up a 5 lane pistol field target fun match after the raffle concluded. Most of the out-of-state shooters brought their guns to give it a go and to show us how it is done. Ric is reporting the results on a separate post on the Field Target forum. Who knows, maybe this type of shoot will be part of our forte in the future. Thanks Ric for your time and efforts. 

Sunday. We started earlier today to try to accommodate the timely departure of the out-of-state shooters with their long drives home. Those who shot even targets now shot the odd numbered targets and vice-versa. In addition, everyone had a new partner to share the experience with. Today I was paired with fellow club member Ray Horneman. Ray (Professor Gadget) is one of our senior members and has been known to shoot like a house on fire. He is using his beautiful new Daystate Platinum air rifle. It is gorgeous! He ended up shooting better today than he did yesterday and was having fun doing it. I started out hitting my first 2 shots of the day and then missed my next shot. With the wind coming from left to right, I misjudged and hit the face plate at 3 O'clock. From that point on, I was in the zone and did not miss another shot! I figured my math correctly for all the down hill shots and did the same for windage corrections also. I was having fun, and Ray was excited. I would end up being high shooter for the day and it felt good. 

At the end of the match, each shooter pulled their targets, stakes, and strings on their last shooting lane to speed up the process of packing everything away. As this was happening, the scores were tallied and posted to the score board, with some interesting results. 

Doug Miller very quietly posted the 2nd highest score for each day, but when added together tallied the high score for the match, garnering 1st place for himself with an 88 out of a possible 96. Steve Montgomery dropped only one point from the previous day, giving him an 87. Adding my previous days score to my almost clean score for today, also gave me an 87. With Doug locking up 1st place, the ensuing shoot off would be for State Champion and 2nd place. Bobby Corcorran and Tony Innocentes also tied with a score of 78 and would shoot off for 4th and 5th places. Larry Piercy had a singular lock on 3rd place with a score of 82. 

In Hunter Field Target, Ron Jobbes took the win over Rich Woods. I was seriously thinking of titling the match report with Ron Jobbes Wins AZ State Championship, but that would just make his head swell, and that much excitement isnt good for him at his advanced age! LOL. Sorry Ron, I just couldnt resist that one. 

The shoot-off. Targets were placed way out on the sight in range and Tony Innocentes and Bobby Corcorran were first up to duel it out for 4th and 5th positions. Both were shooting USFTs and were putting on a shooting clinic with Larry Piercy officiating. After the first best of 3 shots, they were tied. After the second best of 3 shots, they were still tied. On the third go-around, Bobby edged Tony by a point for 4th place, and positioned Tony in 5th with some mighty fine shooting. 

Next up was Steve Montgomery and me dueling it out for either State Champion or 2nd place. Steve was shooting his recently refinished USFT done up in extreme digital camo that really looks great. Steve is also a high power rifle competitor and won the camo finish for his placement at a tactical match earlier this year. After our first 3 shots, we were tied, but on the 2nd series Steve easily edged me out to claim the title of AZ state champion. He is quiet, unassuming, and another hard worker for the club and has certainly earned the title. 

The Scores 

Shooter/DIvision Score Gun Scope Pellet
Doug Miller 88 FWB P70 Nikko 10-50 CPH
Steve Montgomery 87 USFT Leupold 45X JSBEH
Mark Kauffman 87 Daystate CR-X ST Bushnell 6-24 JSBE
Larry Piercy 82 Daystate CR-X .22 Nightforce 8-40 CP
Bobby Corcorran 78 USFT Bushnell 8-32 CPH
Tony Innocentes 78 USFT Leupold 35 CPH
Scott Jones 77 Daystate Huntsman Nikko 10-50 JSBEH
Scott Rogers 74 USFT Nikko 10-50 JSBEH
Vince Pacheco 72 USFT Bushnell 8-32 JSB
Klayton Kidd 70 Daystate X2 Bushnell 6-24 CPH
Debbie Keiser 70 Daystate SR97SE Burris 8-32 CPH
Steve Timarac 70 USFT Nikko 10-50 CPH
Dale Keiser 69 Daystate CR-X Burris 8-32 CPH
Vipha Miller 69 FWB P70 Leupold 35 CPH
Ron Easton 68 AA S400 Nikko 10-50 JSB
Larry Durham 67 USFT Cust Supb 8-40 CPH
Guy Omictin 67 Steyr LG110 Nikko 10-50 JSBE
Luiz Rutz 66 FX Royale Hawke 8-32 CPH
Rizalde Marquez 65 Steyr Nikko 10-50 JSBEH
Len Tiapa 65 NJR Burris 8-32 CPH
Kevin Yee 64 USFT Tasco 10-40 JSB
Larry Nelson 64 USFT S-B 50 CPH
Wayne Burns 64 USFT Nikko 10-50 AA
Lonnie Smith 64 MK3 Nikko 10-50 Barracuda
Jim Russell 63 MK4 Bushnell 6-24 JSB
Robin Montgomery 61 USFT Nikko 10-50 JSB
Mary Anne McLeod 57 Steyr Bushnell 10-32 JSB
Greg Frostad 56 FX Tasco 36 JSB
Ray Hornean 50 Daystate Platinum MTC Viper 8-32 JSB
Ron Drye 48 Daystate MK4 Centerpoint 8-32 JSB
Fan Boyett 43 USFT BSA 10-50 CPH
Rio Grassmick 40 BSA Ultra Bushnell 6-24 CPL
O B Morales 36 FX Hawke 6-24 CPH
Albert Waterford 28 Steyr LG110 BSA 6-24 Barracuda
Ron Jobbes 52 AA Bushnell 12 JSB
Rich Woods 25 Hammerli 850 Hawke 12 JSB

Another successful shoot is now in the club history books. We had new folks join us this time and are grateful that wacky Wayne, Rich, Guy, Riz, and Lonnie made the journey and returned home safely. We missed a few of our favorite shooters - Happy Birthday Sandy, and are glad to see that our airgunning family is growing - Congratulations to O.B. and Joanne with your newborn son in attendance. 

Thanks so much to Scott, Dale, Deb, Bobby, Larry, Jim and Ric for setting up and packing away afterwards. Thanks to Tony, Ron, Wayne, Kevin, Guy, Riz, and Lonnie for assisting with the targets and set up. That was a BIG help. Ric, with Ronnie, Wayne, and Steves assistance did a marvelous job running the side shoot. 

And then there are the ladies, Debbie, Pam, Bonni Jo and her sister took care of the food, the photography, the raffle, and the little things that go un-noticed. We are grateful. Thanks also to Klayton for all the pics that you took, as well as to Tony for all the pics that I am sure will be coming. 

Next Shoot. Next month we will be east of Flagstaff at the Dryes Ranch on the third Saturday of October. I will provide info and directions for those interested in attending when I send out the match reminder about a week or so prior to the match. 

Respectfully submitted, 
Mark Kauffman 
Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona