Canadian National Field Target Association Championship

Hosted by the Port Colborne Field Target Club on July 10th & 11th, 2010

Match Report by Tim MacSweyn 


As we worked on match set up and shot in the rain on Friday, there was some concern about the condition of the trail in the woods and getting all lanes set up in time.  We eventually did accomplish what we had set out to do on Friday and then a small group of ten headed out to have fish and chips at a local fishery.  We sat around canal-side eating supper and watching the ships come in and head out into Lake Erie.  It was a great relaxing evening that ended fairly early as we headed our separate ways to get ready for Saturday morning.

Saturday rolled in about as close to ideal as one could ask, with a light breeze, low humidity and comfortable temperatures.  There were lots of things to do, with the final lanes being set up, registration, chrony testing and of course shooting to check the numbers before starting.  With all that had to be done, the shooter’s meeting started about ten minutes late, but no one seemed to mind.  Half the group shot the red course and the other half headed off to the white course.  In the past, we had always had the whole group just shoot one course on Saturday and then the other course Sunday.  Shooting both allowed us to shoot in pairs and spread out evenly over all 20 lanes, making for very few delays and an earlier finish time.  I liked this method and certainly will recommend it for the CAFTA Nationals each year.

After the shooting was over on Saturday, as always there were some surprises, good and not so good, and some folks shot exactly as they usually do.  Greg only dropped one shot on the white course, about par for Greg. Don dropped ten, due to some numbers that did not work, which is certainly not up to his normal level.  Magdy had a mishap with his scope, which affected his score and caused him to miss the Sunday course.  Chris shot well on Saturday, the top score in his division, but had obligations on Sunday that prevented him from participating.  Tom P. and George Harde both had good days and were tied for the lead in the WFTF Piston section.  Marshall and Rob only had one point separating them for the lead in the Hunter Division.  Although Gillian was the only junior competing, her score was excellent after day one.  I think we all had some shots or a shot we wished we could do over, but that can be said after pretty well every match.  We were all in the clubhouse by about 2:30PM, plenty early enough to make it to the meal by 3:30PM.

The Saturday afternoon meal took place at Mamma Mia’s, a local Italian buffet.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and no one left hungry, that’s for sure.  A number of us headed back to the club to refresh the targets and do some more shooting.  A few of the guys camped out at the club, which was a great help for security and it allowed me to leave at a reasonable time to get ready for Sunday.  Thanks guys.

Sunday morning was perhaps even a little nicer than Saturday morning with an even lighter breeze.  Pre-match activities went smoothly as did the shooter’s meeting and we were out ready to start reasonably close to the advertized starting time.  As often as possible, those who were close in score in a particular division and on the same course, shot as partners.  That always seems to add to the excitement. 

Certainly one of the best matchups was in the WFTF Piston division with George Harde and Tom P. going into the day tied, making the Sunday match a tiebreaker or shoot off of sorts.  After staying close for most of the match, the final lane, which just happened to be the offhand lane, decided the match in Tom’s favour.  In the Hunter Division, Marshall was one up on Rob at the beginning of the day, but Rob really upped his game to come out on top.

Gillian continued to shoot well on these difficult courses, ending up with an impressive 135 score.  I hope we will have more junior shooters involved next year, but holidays or other obligation prevented attendance by most of the juniors this year.

Our Open PCP section was very well attended and featured some great shooting.  Whatever we do up here sure seems to agree with Greg, as he seems to shoot the lights out every year.  He dropped only one shot on Dennis Eden’s notorious Eagle target to earn top honors in his class and the match.  Doug had a great match and Don, after getting his gun settings straightened out, finished strong as well, and they took second and third respectively.  Dennis L. and Bill rounded out the top five with great scores on both days.

The WFTF Division is gaining popularity and we had three in each class.  Tom P. won the piston section as mentioned above, followed by George and Jeff.  Jeff is relatively new to the sport and is learning quickly.  In the PCP section we had four shooters on Saturday and three returned for Sunday.  I was able to stay fairly consistent for the two days and was fortunate enough to come out with the top score.  Ted and Tom J. shot together on Sunday and both improved on the previous day, with Tom having the extra pressure of his wife expecting their first child any day.  Ted placed second, followed by Tom.  Tom is improving very quickly and will be taking home awards very soon.

It was very nice to have George Hamilton up from Tennessee, Vipha and Doug Miller from California, Les from Michigan and Greg from Wisconsin.  We had a great time going to local spots here in Port and just shooting the breeze about whatever came to mind.  All were great competitors in the match and I hope to see them all soon at matches in the US or next year at our CAFTA Nationals.

Len did very well with his home built gun and Joel gets better every match he shoots.  Dennis did not have his best match, but as always, he will be back strong.

The meal on Sunday was an assortment of Subway subs, potato salad, a variety of raw vegetables and Italian cookies and coffee.  Thanks to Subway in Port for a great deal on the subs.  After the meal, during dessert and coffee, the awards were presented to the winners and the prize draw was held.  In addition to the division awards, two special medals were presented to a couple of competitors.  Vipha was presented a medal for Top Lady and Les Grable won the medal for Top Senior.

There are lots of people to thank in the planning, setting up and running of this match.  I’ll start with my wife, Angie, who encouraged me to take the whole week leading up to the match to dedicate to planning and preparation for the match.  She also took care of registration on Saturday and brought the whole meal for Sunday.  That took a great deal of pressure off me and allowed me to focus on other things.  I really appreciated her contribution.

Mary from the Port Conservation Club and Virginia Hamilton helped a great deal in setting up the meal on Sunday. Doug, Vipha, George Hamilton and Don all helped to set up the canopies on the sight in range during the rain on Friday.  Vipha helped me to set up the sight in range on Saturday morning and Don did all the chrony testing on Saturday morning.  Chris came back on Sunday afternoon to help with award presentation.  A big thank you goes out to all of them.

The number of sponsors for our match has been increasing and we would like to thank the PCFTC, Range Burlington, FT Central, Port Scotiabank, Port Canadian Tire, Shooter’s Choice, Airgun Source and Erie Tracker for generous donations.  Everyone that participated received at least two prizes and some won three.

All six CAFTA Governors and Dennis L., indicated by the ** on the chart, set up the lanes for the match, resulting in no one having to set up more than three lanes, nine targets.  Thanks guys for your support at this match and throughout the season.  Thanks to the Port Colborne Conservation Club for allowing us to use the facility.  All those that attended made this a successful weekend and contributed to the great memories we take away with us.  Thanks to each one of you.

We will do it all again next summer and hope to see everyone again.  The next match in Port is on August 2nd and an announcement about Waterloo match should be made soon. 

Take care.


CAFTA Nationals 2010

Results Chart

Rank Name




T 36



T 38



Av T 37

Rifle Scope Pellet
  Open PCP            
1 Greg Sauve US 60 59* 119 Steyr AZ100 Nikko 10-50 JSBH
2 Doug Miller US 57* 54 111 FWB-P70DM Nikko 10-50 CPH
3 Don Irvine** 57 50* 107 Steyr LG100FT S&B FT JSBH
4 Dennis Leite** 54* 51 105 EWC-QB78 Leapers 8-32 JSBH
5 Bill Shikatani 51* 52 103 HW100 Bushnell 8-32 JSBH
6 Les Grable  US 52 50* 102 Steyr AZ100 Nikko 10-50 CPH
7 Len Joe 50* 46 96 LJFT Bushnell 8-32 JSBH
8 Vipha Miller US 47 46* 93 FWB-P70DM Leupold CPH
9 Joel Goodwin 42* 45 87 S410-SL Fitco 6-24 JSBL
10 George Hamilton US 38* 44 82 AA Pro Target Hakko 8-40 CPH
11 Dennis Eden ** 42 39* 81 Anschutz 2025 Leup.Premier35X Baracuda
12 Magdy Hassouna 47* DNF 47(Sat) FWB P70 S&B FT JSBH
  WFTF Piston            
1 Tom Peretti** 46* 48 94 TX200SR Nikko 10-50 JSBL
2 George Harde** 46* 44 90 TX200 Bushnell 8-32 JSBL
3 Jeff Hemming 13 14* 27 TX200 Falcon 5-25 JSBL
  WFTF PCP            
1 Tim MacSweyn 49* 47 96 S400-SL Deben 10-50 JSBH
2 Ted Gibson** 47 44* 91 S410K Bushnell 8-32 JSBL
3 Tom Jackson 47 33* 80 EV2 Nikko 10-50 JSBL
4 Chris Nickolson** 51* DNF 51(Sat) Pro Target BSA 10-50 JSBL
  Hunter Division /120 /120 /240      
1 Rob Billiard 81 64* 145 QB 78 Leapers 8-32 JSBL
2 Marshall Doan 66 65* 131 QB 79 Tasco 8-32 JSB Ex .22
  Junior Hunter            
1 Gillian Covell 72* 63 135 QB 78 Tasco 6-24 CrP .22

* Course shot on Saturday ** Set up lanes    US – American   Bold – Canadian Division Champions