Crosman Match Results July 10-11

I had the opportunity to attend the Northeast Regional Field Target match that was held at the Crosman factory in East Bloomfield, NY last weekend. Crosman went all out in hosting the event with the help of Ray, Hans and Laurie Apelles. The factory employees were very friendly and spared no expense in making this a great event. On Friday the factory opened it's doors and took us on a tour through their facilities. Each tour was guided by experienced employees with many, many years of service with the factory. They were open and helpful with questions and listened to our feedback about products. We were able to see the various processes of production, assembly, shipping and yes, how the pellets are made! (If you're wondering about he pellet process guys too bad, you should have been there...) J

After the tours, the Quigley Challenge was held on the sight in range. This was an offhand event, shot with a 10 meter rifle (About 6 fpe) at a 1.75" square target, 55 yards away. This was a very tough event and was ultimately won by Paul Bishop. There were only four competitors that actually knocked the target down and it came down to a shoot off. Paul won after again hitting the target two more times during the shoot off! Fantastic shooting and Congrats to Paul for a job well done!

On Saturday morning the weather cleared out, the wind started blowing and sight in was on. We got started with sight in around 7 AM Eastern time. There were around 64 shooters attending the match, give or take so the sight in range was full. We all got our respective rigs ready and had a shooters meeting promptly at 8:30 AM. Hans Apelles went over the rules of the match, safety and procedures. We were to shoot two legs of the match. One course was shot by half of the participants in the morning while the other half shot the other course location. After lunch, the participants swapped courses and shot a second 40 shot course.

The total course was 20 lanes, four shots per lane, 80 shots for the whole course. The courses were expertly designed by the devious Ray Apelles. J They were deceptively difficult due to the fact that about 17 of the 20 lanes were in open fields and each had one target that was somewhere between 45-55 yards give or take a little. Each course also had one offhand and one kneeling lane. So, the course had a total of 16 forced shots. Also, the difficulty of the forced shots was at an elevated level as well. As I recall, the offhand lanes had one target that was reasonably close, but the second was set around 37-40 yards. The Kneeling lanes were simliar in difficulty as well. The thing that made this course sound simple was the fact that Ray used all full size kz's on every target, even the close ones. So, this gave the novice shooters a chance to leave with a respectable score. However, the long shot on each lane was a real challenge in the ever changing winds that were at times blowing our rifles from side to side as we tried to steady for a shot.

All divisions were squaded on the same courses to simulate weather conditions from morning to afternoon. For example, I shot WFTF with my 12 fpe Air Arms EV2 so I was squadded on the same course as Ray and the other WFTF shooters. With this arraingment we all encountered simliar weather and wind conditions as our competitors. As it turned out, when we were done on the morning course, Ray had me by one point. So, we were squadded together for the evening match along with Paul Bishop. We shot the evening course in front of the factory and the wind just was howling from the first to the last shot. It was a real blast of a match because we stayed neck in neck for the remainder of the match. As it turned out, I had Ray by one point at the end of the second match, so we were on our way to a shoot off! It was funny because I had mentioned to Ray before the beginning of the match in the morning that he needed to shoot well and beat me outright because I didn't want this to end in a shoot off. Well, what a prediction...

After the competitors all finished up, Hans and Paul Bishop set up the shoot off on the practice field. Hans had set up four targets with progressively smaller kz's in the event that we both got lucky and took out the targets in order. A coin toss decided who would go first and I won so, I requested that Ray shoot first. We both sat down and ranged the first target. When ready, we were given one minute each to take a shot at the target. I ranged the first target at 53 yards and noted a heavy right to left wind. Ray called ready, his time began and he took his shot. I was watching and saw his first shot go high and left. I call ready and Hans started the timer. I forgot about everything else at that point and tried to concentrate on my hold off, breathing and the location that I wanted that pellet to impact. I held off about two or three inches to the right and waited for the wind to slow a bit. When I felt the decrease in the wind, I took the shot, and watched the pellet impact the kz a bit left of center. The target fell and the shoot off was over. Ray is a great competitor and shooter, so I appreciate his challenge for me to shoot WFTF at this match.

In conclusion, I can honestly say that the match was a great success. I had a great time visiting with other shooters and competing in the match. Crosman did a fantastic job of hosting their first match and I look forward to more in the future. If you didn't get a chance to make it to this match, plan now for next year. I think you will probably see an offering for a two day event in the future there at Crosman, so be sure to put it on your calendar when they announce the next one.

Thanks again to Crosman, Hans, Ray and Laura Apelles for a great match!

Harold Rushton

My hard earned WFTF plaque
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Division Shooter 7/10 7/11 Total
  Harold Rushton 32 35 67
  Ray Apelles 33 34 67
  Paul Bishop 26 27 53
  Tom Holland 26 26 52
  Hector Medina 27 25 52
  Bartek Dziedzic 26 22 48
  Thomas Wade 17 19 36
  Dave Carpenter 29 22 51
  Jim Wilcox 18 19 37
  William L Bensen Jr 15 12 27
  Jeff Paddock 30 25 55
  Tony Narracci 27 23 50
  Michael Arroyo 21 17 38
  Veronica Ruf 17 15 32
  Doug DIver 15 10 25
  Bill Day 34 28 62
  Brian Williams 31 26 57
  Chris Kline 32 19 51
  Steve Harding 25 25 50
  Greg Shirhall 25 25 50
  Doug Trumpowsky 25 25 50
  Roy Stefanko 24 21 45
  Ray Stefanko 24 21 45
  Dylan Stefnako 28 15 43
  Lee Kline 24 17 41
  Shea Stewart 16 21 37
  Steven Trumpkowsky 16 21 37
  Eric St Phillips 17 19 36
  Max Lewin 18 16 34
  Alex Schulz 16 17 33
  David Sliker 14 18 32
  Todd Merkley 11 21 32
  Dennis Wilson 13 18 31
  Ed Schulz III 14 15 29
  Paul Manktelow 11 17 28
  Ed Schmitt 14 13 27
  Linda St Phillips 17 10 27
  Jerry LaRocca 17 8 25
  Douglass Wall 11 14 25
  David Freeman 11 7 18
  Michael Wall 9 4 13
  Michael Didas 13 0 13
  Brian Shaw 8 0 8
  John Manarte 36 34 70
  Mike Malinconico 31 29 60
  Al Otter 31 28 59
  Anthony Palminteri 30 27 57
  Hans Apelles 29 27 56
  Ed Schulz 28 25 53
  Bevin Watters 19 23 44
  Nathan Thomas 18 24 42
  Tom Waters 19 22 41
  Glenn Thomas 20 18 38
  Art Deuel 15 22 37
  Crystal Martin 19 14 33
  Jim Martin 19 12 31
  Andrew McGee Watters 17 7 24