It's the morning of Father's Day 2010 and I get up out of bed to find 3 cards waiting for me from my wife, daughter and 2 dogs!!! happy.gif Normally this would be a day for hanging out with family but there's an FT match to go to and the wife and daughter said to go have fun, if you come back early enough and are still hungry we can grab dinner!

My daughter had been sick 2 weeks prior, then my wife and me got sick the next week so with all that time being home bound, I was itching to get out and they knew it and wanted to let dad play! So I make a bee line for my van which is already loaded and ready to roll!!!

Today's match is gonna be different than matches in the past. First off, we have a new Match Director, Jonathan Reyes, running his first match. Secondly, due to some recent operational changes we no longer have 4 of our long standing, well loved/hated/I'm gonna get you next time "Separator Targets" that have provided lots of entertainment, and a few zeros on our score cards over the years, lol. As such, I had been asked to make a couple of bell targets and stands to act as a replacement for a couple of those targets.

Upon arriving at the range, the range is moving with a mild buzz of activity as targets are set, strings run, and people start to trickle in and unload their gear. Bill H. walks up with his cup of "Accuracy Enhancer" aka coffee in hand and his usual pleasant greetings!

The sun is up with clear skies and just the slightest hint of an occasional breeze at hand. Today should be a warm and good day for shooting if the conditions hold and shooters do what they need to do.

Given the holiday, the attendance was lighter than usual but we're not about numbers, we're about quality and having a good time when we get the chance to get together! After a short while, the Shooters' Meeting is called and lane assignments given out.

Today I am paired up with veteran FT Shooter John L. and Ronnie Easton. John is one of the first people I met at Diablo Rod and Gun Club and is one of the nicest and most supportive guys you will ever meet. He's also a shooter that has constantly been improving his game. Ronnie is one of the new club members that has been progressing at a rapid pace in IC and Open Class at the club and abroad.

We decide to start off on Lane 1 which is located on the longest corridor of the range we shoot FT on. John is shooting his USFT with Bushnell 4200 8 - 32 x 40AO atop it and Ronnie has his faithful EV2 MKII with Nikko Stirling Diamond 10 - 50 x 60 scope. I am test driving my USFT Carbine with Leupold Competition 35x for the 2nd time in match as I'm trying to get dialed in with it.

As we get to Lane 3, this is where the first Bell Target is placed at around 45 yards, 1.5" kz and about 7feet up in the air. Ronnie is up and one of the big questions we had was would a sub 12fpe gun ring that bell at range?!?!

Ronnie squeezed off the first shot and "DING"! Cool, it works!!! happy.gif He's happy as can be to be the first to ring that new bell target!

John was knocking down targets at will and easily rang the bell twice. As I set up on Lane 3 for the first target, I ranged, clicked and eagerly took up the first stage while refining my hold and OOPS, touched off the round early and smacked Face Plate, lol!!! Mental Lapse number 1, lol, note to self "slow things down next time!!!"

Elsewhere on the course lots of good stuff in the works. Mike A. aka BoomerMikey is shooting his first FT Match but with a twist, he's being a Maverick and shooting the course Off Hand with his brand new S400 in an MPR FT Stock!!! What a beautiful gun with that factory anodized shroud!

I tell a we got a fun bunch of guys at our club truly come to the matches to have fun and take a break from "life" and all its serious responsibilities and the usual "need" to maintain an image. Tim B. is a professional photographer and when asked to hold a camera, what does he do with it?!?!

It was a fine day indeed and in the end, the match scores were as follows:
[linked image]

Thanks again to Diablo Rod and Gun Club and the USI Range for putting together another safe and insanely fun airgun event!