DIFTA Maryland Championship Match
July 17

DIFTA sight-in range.

It was a hot day even though Mother Nature had suggested it would have been a bit more moderate. I suppose when you evaluate the trade-offs on what-could-have-been with what-was (chance of rain versus hotter than predicted), most would pick hotter than predicted. In any case, we had something like 90F to contend with most of the day; even the morning was not very much cooler while setting-up the lanes. As the day wore-on the wind came up a bit but was never much of a factor other than providing a modicum of cooling.

We had a very large group of shooters! 27 eventually showed-up with most "pre-registering" either by mail, in person at a previous match, or coming early to this match. The only interesting things about the group of shooters was the lack of Piston shooters other than in Hunter (perhaps time to split Hunter in to PCP and Piston?) and no Junior shooters (for the first time in several years).

The course difficulty was about 29T -- for once, in recent matches, I actually computed the difficulty. My usual approach is to guesstimate the difficulty -- I did that again and then did the calculations and found my guesstimates are pretty accurate. I thought I had made at least one target on a lane PFT-friendly; it turned out not to be the case so time to put even bigger targets up close.  Also, several people suggested that trying to score non-"kill" hits was difficult -- we will drop the old 1-for-a-face and 2-for-a-kill scoring next time and just make at least one target on a lane more PFT-friendly.

We had two shoot-offs to decide 2nd place for International and 1st for PCP.

Many thanks to all for braving the heat and the vagaries of the Match Director (who did not hear very many comments this time even though nobody came close to cleaning the course). 


Name Score
(72 Possible)
1st John Manarte 58
2nd Thomas Jones 58
  Al Otter 57
  Abe Diaz 56
  Mike Malinconico 56
  Anthony Palminteri 56
  Hans Apelles 52
  Jan Vandenberg 36
1st Rex Gori 42
1st JC Brown 55
2nd Ed Canoles 43
  Greg Shirhall 40
  Phil Dean 37
  Andrew Stephens 34
  Bill Gazdik 33
  Bill Price 21
1st Chuck Jordan 54
2nd Tinh Nguyen 53
  Ray Apelles 53
  Keith Knoblauch 46
  Bartek Dziedzic 46
  Joe McDaniel 43
1st Jim Wilcox 38
  Paolo Amedeo 27
  Dale Bensen 26
PFT Scoped    
1st Hans Apelles 27
PFT Iron
1st Ray Apelles 31
  Paolo Amedeo 27
  Abe DIaz 27
  Don Hunt 24
  Joe McDaniel 22
  Keith Knoblauch 21
  Laurie Apelles 21
  Chuck Jordan 18