DIFTA Match Report

June 19, 2010

The weather was excellent if a bit on the warm side (I live in the "mountains" of Maryland and am used to about 10F cooler temperatures -- where I live, 80 is a heat-wave). Very little wind to affect shots (or cool off shooters).

We shot pistol field target for the second time. This time we allowed shooters to pick any of the targets on a lane to shoot -- still with scoring being 1 for a face and 2 for a "kill."  I had designed the course with most of the close targets being somewhat easier (i.e., larger) than for the typical course layout. This resulted in some higher scores for the rifle shooters (still nobody cleaned the course although Al Otter came close, missing an offhand shot).

The Maryland State Championship Match will be July 19th. Registration is available for $20 before the match with "late" registration being $25. The registration form can be found here.

DIFTA plans on offering a denim shirt (like that for the Nationals) if enough are interested. The cost will be $20/shirt for most sizes (some premium for larger/tall sizes -- see the Nationals registration for premium costs).

Class Name Score
PCP All Otter 59
  Keng-Hao Liu 50
  Jan Vandenberg 38
International Joe McDaniel 52
  Keith Knoblach 51
  Chuck Jordan 49
Piston Tinh Nguyen 50
  Rex Gori 45
  Karl Krchma 40
Hunter Ed Canoles 45
  Steve Lefebvre 38
  Phil Dean 36
  Bill Gazdik 32
  Tim Berkemeier 31
  Steve Winegar 24
  Bill Price 13
Offhand Dale Benson 25
Pistol (Iron/Red-dot) Joe McDaniel 27
  Tim Berkemeier 22
  Chuck Jordan 21
  Rex Gori DNF


Hope to see you all (and many others) at the Maryland State Match July 19!


Joe McDaniel
Match Director