DIFTA September 18 Match Results

Another fantastic day to shoot FT!  Even with what seems like an endless process of hurricanes (and "him"icanes) moving (generally) through the Caribbean and up the Atlantic, they have all missed landfall in the Mid-Atlantic states (and, specifically, Maryland). Wind was about as minimal as I have ever seen it at DIFTA; the temperatures were ideal (IMHO).

We had 23 shooters for this last regular match before the Nationals on October 16 at 17.  I heard someone asking if there was a "regular" match scheduled for October!  If one considers a 120-shot, 90-person match a "regular" match, then "Yes Virginia, there is a "regular" match."  There is a "Fun" match on October 2.  While most local shooters will be shot-out (pun intended), there will be a "regular" match in November on the 6th.

We had a very even distribution of shooters for this match with 5 in PCP, 4 in Piston, 7 in WFTF, and 7 in Hunter.  We also had one Offhand shooter. Several interesting points:  Ray Apelles had the overall high score, beating even the PCP shooters!  Rex Gori was shooting a FWB300S and beat all the "high power" Piston shooters as well as the Hunter shooters.  Ray Apelles got 18 out of 24 in the Pistol FT match -- the second-highest score was 5!


Class Shooter Score/60
  Thomas Jones 55
  Hans Apelles 50
  Al Otter 49
  Keng-Hau Liu 47
  C Burton 36
  Rex Gori 46
  Abe Diaz 39
  Karl Krchma 35
  Stuart Carroll 18
  Ray Apelles 56
  Joe McDaniel 50
  Tinh Nguyen 47
  Chuck Jordan 43
  Keith Knoblauch 37
  Jan Vandenberg 32
  Phil Dean 45
  Ed Canoles 41
  Andrew Stephens 36
  Bill Price 36
  Bill Gazdik 28
  J R Stephens 27
  Dale Benson 26
Pistol FT - Scoped    
  Ray Apelles 18
  Hans Apelles 5
Pistol FT - Iron/Red dot    
  Chuck Jordan 5
  Phil Dean 4
  Joe McDaniel 3
  Karl Krchma 0

Hope everyone can make the Nationals next month!