GOB Match Report for April 3

Good Ole' Boys match on Saturday, April 3 On the way down I-65 to Roz's Hollow with Steve Vines, it didn't look like there was much chance we would be able to shoot over on the red course in the pines. It poured on us so that we could hardly see to drive around Franklin and Columbia, TN. But, when we got there it was about to quit. Except for a few sprinkles before and during the start of the match, the rain was over. And for a change it was actually warm. Quite a difference from the past few weeks. Spring is finally here. Since there was still a threat of rain in the area, Roz decided to wait until a little later to start the match. Rod Bradley was running a little late and we wanted to give him a chance to start with everyone else. David Slade and Dottie were already here and that generally signals the start of the match. David actually got to practice a little bit prior to the match.

We were all glad to see Matthew Rushton who was in on leave. Kevin Blankenship was back and had a new TX200 to try out. Neal Okerson and his family had made the 4 hr. trip and driven down from Paducah, KY. We all enjoyed meeting with them. Neal was using a Discovery for the match.

A few of the regulars were missing. Brad Troyer wasn't able to make it and David Brown was busy at home. For a change, I was able to best Davidfs score (He didnft have one) David always provides me with a little incentive to do better. David likes to play with the vastly underpowered rifles. He went to the International class with 12 fpe and then surprised all of us with a 6.5 fpe at the last match. He still does well with any of them, although the wind has been giving him fits. We have been missing Anden for a while. He should have his new stock about finished by now. Rick Thopson has also been among the missing. Hopefully, they will all be back soon.

We went on out to the red course to start and it wasn't nearly as muddy as I thought it might be with all the pine needles. For a real change, there was practically no wind and we had to start coming out of the coats. We had 12 shooters when Rod got there and I think all had a great time.

I think we were thinking that there might be a new top scorer, since Harold Rushton had brought out his new Streyr instead of his trusty USFT rifle. Not so and Harold remained the top scorrer.

Top scorer was Harold Rushton with a 58/60.

PCP competitors:

58 - Harold Rushton, .177 Steyr, Leopold 35X, CPH 10.5
51 - Roz Sumpter, .177 MFR, Nikko 10x50, JSB 10.2
51 - Pat O'Brien, .177 USFT Carbine, Nikko 10x50, JSB 10.2
46 - Dottie Berry, .177 MFR, BSA 10x50, JSB 10.2
28 - Neal Okerson, Discovery, Centerpoint 16X, CPH

Piston competitors:

42 - Steve Vines, .177 TX200, Bushnell Elite 6x24, JSB 7.9
34 - Kevin Blankenship, .177 TX 200, Hawke Eclipse
32 - Rod Bradley, .177 TX 200, Tasco 10x50, JSB

World Field Target competitors:

50 - David Slade, Rapid FT, B & L 6x24, JSB 8.4
21 - John Blount, Leapers 9X, JSB 7.9

Hunter competitors:

48 - Charles Garvey, .177 MFR, Nikko 10x50, CPH
38 - Matthew Rushton, CRX, Bushnell 6-24,

Looks like the TX's are coming back. Everyone seemed to have a great time and we need to thank the Rushtonfs for the great Bar-B-Que and our host Roz Sumpter for all that he does for FT in this area.

Don't forget that we will be shooting again on the regular date, the second Saturday of each month.

We will be having the annual GOB's Championship match in June. Be sure and get signed up.

Good luck to all that are going to Baton Rouge, LA next week.

Drive safe and good shooting,

John Blount