Good Old Boys July 10 Match

The weather for this months match at Rozs Hollow turned out pretty decent for a change. There was practically no wind for the whole match, but the humidity was terrible. Roz had left the white course set up like he had it for the GOBs match last month and it was tough. We had some good scores though with Brad Troyer scoring high overall (58/60) with his Pro Target rifle. Hawke 8-32 scope and JSB 8.44 pellets combo. Close behind in WFTF was David Slade with a 55/60. Roz Sumpter shot a 53/60 and I had a 45/60. Finishing last in the PCP class was Jeff Avvaduti, (42/60) in only his 2nd airgun match and with a new Maurader .177/ Hawke 6x18 combination. Jeff was shooting like an old timer.

The only other class represented was piston and there were three competitors. High score was Charles Garvey with 42/60. Cliff Smith finished with his trusty TX with 40/60 and Kevin Blankenship finished with a good score (33/60) using a new TX200.

Harold Rushton was away at the Crossman match over the weekend. Several other regulars were missing, including Steve Vines, John Blount, Dottie Berry and Rod Bradley.

PCP Class
Pos           Score         Name          Rifle            Caliber      Scope               Pellet

1               58/60   Brad Troyer  Pro Target        .177       Hawke 8x32     JSB 8.44
2-WFTF   55/60  David Slade     MFR              .177
3                53/60  Roz Sumpter   MFR              .177       Nikko 10x50     JSB 10.2
4               45/60   Pat OBrien      USFT #217    .177       Nikko 10x50     JSB 10.2
5.              42/60   Jeff Avvaduti   Marauder        .177       Hawke 6x18     CPH

Piston Class
1               42/60  Charles Garvey  HW97          .177        Leupold 35       JSB 8.4
2               40/60  Cliff Smith         TX200          .177        B&L 8x30         JSB 8.4
3               33/60  Kevin Blankinship TX200       .177        B&L 6x24        JSB 7.9