GOB March 13 Match Results

Our first spring match was scheduled for March 13th, but the weather didn't seem to be cooperating. As it turned out, everyone wanted to shoot anyway, so Roz decided to go ahead as planned. Everyone started arriving at the sight in range just before 9:00 AM. I guess every now and then the weather reporter gets it right because as forecast, it was raining.

We all spent a bit of time sighting in under the pavilion and trying to figure out that ever blowing wind. Fortunately, by 10:00 AM the rain stopped for a bit. Roz held a quick safety and shooters meeting before we all headed out to the course. We had a good attendance at this match even with the foul weather. We ended up being able to shoot the whole 60 shot course, but not without getting wet with intermittent rain.

David Brown brought his RWS 10 meter rifle to shoot field target with this time. It was really fun to watch him knock down those 45-55 yard targets with it. I was really impressed to see how well David did even with the heavy wind! John and Tammy Blount were back this time too. They brought along their friend Jeff to try out our sport. I think he may have gotten hooked pretty good. I guess we'll know when he comes back next time. Kevin Blankenship was back to give his springer another run on the course too. It was really good to see all of our friends show up even in the less than favorable weather.

After the rifle match, we set up a quick 30 shot pistol course in the field by the pavilion. We had to get the targets out in a hurry because the rain had moved back in and was pouring pretty good by the time we were done. Brad Troyer was testing a new Brocock pistol, so he and David Slade shot it together. I shot with Steve Vines and we had a lot of fun trying to knock down some very difficult targets in windy conditions.

In between the rifle and pistol match, Roz had a fine lunch of Polish Sausage dogs with all the fixings. It was all delicious and welcomed after being cold and wet all morning.

Everyone left with a smile on their faces. So, I guess they all had a pretty good day of shooting. The next match will be announced in advance, so we hope to see you guys there!

Harold Rushton

Match Results
Name Score. Rifle
Rod Bradley 54/60 Theoben Vanquish
Harold Rushton 53/60 USFT
Roz Sumpter 43/60 Park
Dottie Berry 42/60 Theoben MFR
Pat O'Brien 32/60 USFT
David Slade 24/60 GC2

Charles Garvey 40/60 Theoben MFR
Brad Troyer 38/60 Daystate MK4
John Blount 22/60 JB Custom

Steve Vines 38/60 TX200
David Brown 32/60 RWS75
Kevin Blankenship 25/60 R-9

Brad Troyer 22/30 Brocock
Harold Rushton 22/30 FX Ranchero
David Slade 18/30 Brocock
Steve Vines 13/30 Crosman

10 Meter Rifle
David Brown 27/30 RWS75