GOB March 28 Match Results

We had a nice time at Roz's yesterday. No rain for a change, but the wind was howling at times. Had to be up around 20-25+mph and swirling. There were only 5 shooters and this wasn't a scheduled match. Just a chance to check the set up on your rifle. I got to shoot with Roz and considering the wind, he had a great day with his MFR. Ended up with a 50 and had a problem on two lanes that cost him a great score. He missed three shots on the far targets on both  which cost him 6 shots. I finally have the USFT going in the right direction and finished with a 44 and could have done a little better if the windage hadn't been out about 1 click to the right. After about three lanes, I got that corrected and the targets started going down.  I was getting good groups and all at the far right of the KZ. 1 click moved the long shots to the left just enough to stop the splits.

The other 3 shooters were Dottie, Davis S and David B. I think Dottie got a 45 with her MFR and don't know either of the David's scores. I do know that David Brown used his new RWS75, I believe it is. Shooting at around 625fps, he had problems with the wind. I think he will bring out the heavy artillery next time in case the wind is up. This is a great rifle for accuracy and if not for the wind, David would no doubt have had had a good score. David Slade and Dottie both used their MFR's. I would like to get one of those, but I'd have to rob a bank. 

Hmmmm, something to think about.  

We got a chance to shoot some of Brad's new resettable targets. They worked very nicely. Got to have a few of those too. I really need to get another job to go with the one I have.  

I think we will be shooting a scheduled match next Saturday, April 3. Be sure and come out, if you can.