Heflin FT Match Report for May 1

After not being able to hold a match for a couple of months, we were ready to shoot come May 1st. The forecast was iffy, calling for afternoon thunderstorms. I thought Dave Dostie and I were going to shoot alone but up walked a new shooter, Mitch Buchanan. Mitch had contacted me earlier looking for a FT match. We were happy to oblige.

The course was a 25 TDF but breezy. Dave and myself were shooting R7's and Mitch was wielding his HW90. We shot our "hunter only rules". As predicted, more standing and kneeling shots were taken resulting in offhand practice in a "match" environment. I personally felt the pressure to take the riskier shots as Dave got hot shooting offhand, but I managed to just edge it out. We're going to hold this style match once more this Spring before settling into something a little more traditional.


Paul Oswalt 83/240
Dave Dostie 82/240
Mitch Buchanan 53/240

It was great to get to shoot again after such a long hiatus. It was good to meet Mitch and we look forward to shooting with him in the future.

Next match 5/22/10. It'll be a nice warmup for the GOB match.