IAFTC Match report for April 17, 2010

The census claimed Ron Gill for another month and there were interesting
experiments in evidence at April's match. One could hardly have hoped for better
weather. It was cool - probably around 45-50 degrees when we started, but up
near 70 by the time the pistol match was finished (once again, we shot rifles
first and then pistol FT).

George Gardner had been working hard for several weeks, but had his Crosman
2250XT converted to HPA running - he shot the same gun (with alterations) for
both matches. In the rifle configuration, he was running a 22 cubic inch tank
and 1400psi regulator - for pistol, a 13 cubic inch tank and 800 psi regulator -
accompanied by the appropriate shoulder stock for rifle and pistol grips for
pistol shooting.

Ray Carter has been working on his RWS/Hammerli 850 HPA, but found that the
latest incantations left it shooting about 20.2fpe - so, back to the RWS 52
backup gun - with newly mounted Hawke Eclipse 6-24x side focus scope - so newly
mounted that it was sight-in time before the match.

Dave Read showed off a new target - he worked up a very small mouse target (only
about three or four inches in size) with a new wrinkle - when (if actually) you
hit the paddle, the mouse falls forward - very cool, but he made the kill zone a
bit small - it's only 3/8". Ray had been working on Ron Gill's dream of a 'fall
up' bat and had installed it in a large ammo box - but at the last minute the
'gravity augmentation device' needed to assist in resetting (actually, it's a
rubber band) broke so the target was not deployed. I hope to have photos to
share soon - Dave has promised! We also shot George's 'two headed' monster. This
target is shot three times in two shot volleys - reset after each volley. It
takes two hits to drop the target though each hit drops a paddle. Each hit on
this target is scored as 1/2 point.

For the second month in a row, we all colluded and decided to let Ash win both
matches. So, here are the results:

Ash Covey 32/45 rifle 21/30 pistol
Dave Read 27.5/45 rifle 2/30 pistol
George Gardner 26.5/45 rifle 17/30 pistol
Ray Carter 21/45 rifle 11/30 pistol
Gary Pettinger 5.5/45 rifle

Equipment list, rifle:
Ash - Daystate X2; Simmons 44mag 6.5-20; JSB Heavy
Dave - Crosman Marauder; match iron sights; Crosman Premier Heavy
George - Crosman 2250XT-HPA; Bushnell Elite 4100 4-16x; JSB 8.4
Ray - RWS 52; Hawke Eclipse 30SF 6-24x; JSB 8.4
Gary - Beeman R7; peep sights

Equipment list, pistol:
Ash - Crosman 2300k; Barska 3-12x; JSB 8.4
Dave - Crosman 2300S; iron sights; JSB 8.4
George - Crosman 2250XT-HPA; Bushnell Elite 4100 4-16x; JSB 8.4
Ray - Crosman 1377; BSA Edge 2-7x; JSB 8.4

Notes: Ray and Gary were the pistol rifle shooters, Ash, Dave and George PCP.
Dave and Gary were scopeless, but certainly not clueless.
Hope to have some photos as soon as I get some from Dave with the mouse.