IAFTC Match Report for Saturday 20 March, 2010

It dawned, cool and clear in southeaster Idaho on Saturday. Ready for the
monthly match, four hearty souls made their way to the range. It was about 17
degrees when I climbed out of bed at 7:00 - but it was nearing 30 when we
started our setup at 9:00. We were all anxious for the return to our 'summer'
course - having been exiled to the 'east course' for the duration of the winter
months. The summer course is under snow for several months - so last year we
hastily manufactured a reduced version up nearer the access road where we had
some southwest facing slopes which would be mostly clear. We had a new wrinkle
to try this time, too. Ron has been thinking about a 'fall up' target for
several years. Last year we had a bat made as one of our custom target faces
from Calvin at qualitytargets.com - so it seemed like a golden opportunity. Ray
put his thinking cap on and started tinkering with another GAMO target that had
a similar sized face. He soon realized that the key to the operation was to put
an extra twist in the face spring to get it to fall up. Next was how to get the
paddle to operate properly for reset - a few rubber bands helped to set up the
prototype - which was placed in a 'target shroud' that had been developed a year
or two ago to facilitate some indoor FT shooting during the winter months. The
'fall up' prototype was deployed along with 19 other targets (including George's
feared two-headed monster) and off we went. At kickoff, the temp was up above
freezing and by the time we started pistols, it was nearing 50.

Once the dust had settled, Ash pulled quite a coup - winning both the rifle and
pistol matches. So, here are the results:

Ash Covey 51/60 rifle and 19.5/36 for pistol
Ray Carter 43/60 rifle and 14/36 pistol
George Gardner 25/60 rifle and 12.5/36 pistol
Dave Read 44/60 rifle and 7/36 pistol

Equipment list, rifle:
Ash - Daystate X2; Simmons 44mag 6.5-20; JSB Heavy
Ray - RWS 52; BSA 3-12x44 Airgun; JSB 8.4
George - Crosman AS 2250XT; Bushnell Elite 4100 4-16x
Dave - Crosman Marauder; match iron sights; Crosman premier heavy

Equipment list, pistol:
Ash - Crosman 2300K; Barska 3-12x; JSB 8.4
Ray - Crosman 1377; BSA Edge 2-7x; JSB 8.4
George - Crosman 1322; 3-10x; Crosman .22 pellets
Dave - Crosman 2300S; iron sights

Ray got high piston rifle; while everyone else shot open division - and we need
to note that Dave shot his Marauder with iron sights.

So, all in all, a very pleasant day even if the wind did kick up a bit. Oh - the
'fall up' prototype functioned flawlessly - photos to come on another post.