Long Island Field Target

June 27th
Sponsored By Cobra Airguns

Thank you to everyone who came to shoot and to support LIFT.

Of course the night before the weather was saying 70% rain and thunder storms for the shoot. We did not cancel and by morning it changed to 30%. It did not rain but it was hot!!! Tick problem has been solved not one tick in three months !!!!

Well if it was not for the heat it would have been our best shoot yet. John M. was our match director for this meet he did a great job. We had eighteen shooters with some just making it before the meet started.

We were able to have ten lanes, three targets per lane, a sixty shot course! We keep moving forward! Three tree bat targets along with all the new face plates worked out great thanks to Quality targets. We are going to add some more 3/4 and 3/8 KZs. The placement of some of the targets needs some work. Too many between 17 - 35 yards, the flat zone! We have a lot of good shooters and its a little too easy -- more 50 -55 yard targets and smaller KZs on the near and middle will make it more challenging. Long Island Field Target members are finally finding the set up that works for them. There seem to be a lot of Steyrs and Theobens in our club. The Steyr stock seems to be very adaptable to the shooter out of the box but shoots very finicky and needs tweaking and the right pellet. The Theoben is ready to shoot out of the box except for the stock but our members had theirs modified by Alan Zasadny because the Theoben has a standard stock not a field target stock; so each rifle will need work either way. Like a knee riser is very important as you can see above but when you get them right the rifles will be ready to hit the KZ and it is up to the shooter. Once the rifle and pellet is chosen next is the scope and position comes in it is a lot to learn. Do you want to use mil dot or click? side AO or front? It is not just shooting Targets.

The A Team showed up late we were not sure if they were going to make it. It was nice to see them walk up with rifles in hand . A great surprise was to see Ray's wife Laurie came too. She was always fun to shoot with but because of an old injury to her arm she has not been able to shoot but she came for the ride a 2 1/2 hour ride, thanks for coming Laurie.!

Our start time is getting better as the course was set up by 9:00 and we were back to the site in range early. I am not sure if it is a problem or if it is a good thing, but everyone likes the site in time a little to much, a lot of good conversation going on and getting everyone to move on is not easy. It takes time to break up into squads, shooters meeting and head to the course and with today's expected heat (95 hazy, hot and humid) we needed to finish up early.

Well so far this year we have had some members MIA. Anthony was one of them his son is in travel sports and we all know what that's like!! I was squadded with Anthony and Joe M and they have been doing a lot of research since the club started and I was very impressed with the wealth of knowledge being shared. I hope Anthony can make a lot more this season I know he is going to the Crosman Shoot. There should be at least eight shooters from LIFT competing at the Crosman Field Target Championship.

There is so much to learn about this sport between rifles, scopes, scope knobs and wheels, seats, pellets, pellet lube and it goes on and on. I think that's what is so great about it. It is the journey to finding what is right for you. When you do it is a great feeling when your score rises as targets go down with each shot.

Tom W is still shooting his Crosman Challenger PCP 530 fps at only 6 ft lbs he is still getting his numbers worked out but his score is going up. Ray (above right) almost cleaned the course except for lane three the great equalizer in Ray defense the way it worked out he shot that lane last and only missed one he took first in open PCP 59 out 60; great shooting Ray.

Anthony and Mike M had a tie breaker shoot for second place 42 yard 5/8" KZ this was a tough shot after a long day in the heat!! A couple of misses then Mike took it down first. Mike had the target at 42 and Anthony had 47 like I said it was a long hot day. I hope they can make the next July 18th shoot. They are definitely two of our top shooters and have been missed by all.

Well it was a good day we finished up around 2:00 at the hottest part of the day. So lunch, awards and conversation went quick. We had a nice course to shoot. Now all we need is a nice day like the day I wrote this it was sunny 80 no humidity this was only thee days later. I will keep my fingers crossed for July.

PCP open Shooter Rifle Scope Score
1st Ray Apelles Discovery FT 59
2nd Tied 2nd Mike M won tie breaker Steyr Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 55
3rd Tied 2nd Antony Theoben Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 55
4th John M Theoben Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 54
4th Martin P Theoben Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 54
5th Tom Holland Steyr Leapers 8-32x50 53
6th Hans Apelles Discovery FT 50
7th Henry BSA Super 10 Leapers 8-32x50 44
8th Bartek EV2 Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 43
9th Joe M Steyr Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 41
1st Gabe Air Arms S200 33
2nd Bill R 29
Piston open  
1st Tony N RWS 54 36
2nd Mike A HW R11 22
3rd Vincent P 20