NWAFT Match 05/15/10

We had 14 shooters today for the FT Match, it was a pretty great day, sunny, and calm winds. We used the South lanes, 11 wooded lanes, under a nice wooded canopy- not as thick as the other lanes. We hadn't used these lanes for awhile and they were infested with ants- some lanes worse then others- I guess the dry and warm weather got them busy. We knew there are monster mounds out in the woods; but hadn't had big problems. I had forgotten to use the insect spray and got chewed! They were pretty ravenous they were trying to eat my bean bag. The classes were spread out: 4 PCP/2 IC, 5 Piston and 3 Hunters.

We had a few shooters changing classes and an old timer shooting again. Former Airgun Master, Jim Benson, was still healing from surgery, brought his P-70 out to test the course. I looked pretty comfortable on the course- he should he originally cut it out. JD Dodge was shooting his EV2 in the PCP Class, since he has mastered the Hunter Class he was in a bit of a learning curve, still using holdover; but expect him to figure out the clicking fast. Andre Tiffany was testing him self in the Spring Piston Class- or was he shooting International class? Andre is more of a purist shooter, no harness and using holdover.

The Match winner was Noel Vaughn, shooting his Walther Dominator. Noel is always one of the top shooters and on this match he proved he's the champ. Most of the shooters had problems with some of the targets. We have a bunch of well used targets and we try a few different ones each match and this time we had 4 that were problems for almost everyone; but Noel, like he says he brought the correct tool for the game. He has more power then everyone and the heavy pellets proved to be the winner- well part of the story. But after we threw out the bad targets, there was a 4 way tie for first, 41/44 shoots was the winning score. So then we went to the standard tie breaker system: Offhand, Kneeling and then a specified lane. Noel managed 3 of 4 on the offhand lane then 4 or 4 on kneeling lane, next was Brent Saunders 3 of 4 offhand and 3 of 4 kneeling, then Rick Knowles 1 of 4 offhand and 4 of 4 kneeling. Both Brent and Rick are IC shooters so maybe if Andre was IC we would have had our first IC Class. Just a point behind was Dave Gere, he cleaned the offhand and missed a single point on the kneeling, finished with a 40- so maybe coulda, woulda; but didn't. Dave like everyone else has been working on the forced positions and it showed! New PCP Class shooter was JD Dodge, he felt good the first time in the new class, learned a few tings for next time; but managed to finish one point ahead of Master Jim Benson. Jim had always been the Match Director, so didn't shoot the events- so it was good to see him shooting. His arms were bothering him by the finish- so he didn't stick around too long.

The Springer Champ was Dominc Lee, long time shooter, with his HW-97 for a 30. The next shooter was Howard Lee, with his Prosport, for a 29. Next was a tie for third between John Mickel and Terry Cooke, they tied on the offhand and kneeling lanes, so used the lane between them for the tiebreaker and John managed one extra point- so third place. John also has the coolest score card, his Granddaughter Sara makes the zeros for misses into happy faces. The next shooter was springer class newbie Andre Tiffany. This was Andres first match working on regular FT style and getting used to sitting verses prone.

The Hunter FT Group was lead by the Birthday Girl Sarah Mickel, shooting her AA S200 for 77/88. Sarah is finally 12 years old; but you wouldn't know if by her shooting. Maybe this was one of her Birthday presents, she had a pretty big smile when the results were being computed- hum she does the scoring, hum she's the winner- well mostly cause she is the only one that can add up the scores- well not really. The next shooter was John Calhoun, with his RWS 54, he's pretty new to the Airgun games; but doing pretty good. A few months ago JD was teaching him the HFT Game and now he was coaching Morgan Tiffany. Morgan has been shooting longer; but infrequently. He shoots like his brother Andre, not too much sitting, but lots of prone shooting, I didn't look to see how he managed to lay with all the ants. But he had some cool Army pants, lots of pockets, Velcro over the boot tops and adjustable kneepads. Either that or get the one piece coveralls like the ATeam.

Thanks again to all the volunteers that make this happen. The next semi local FT Match is the Memorial Weekend, the Oak Alley Grand Prix FT Match at Ashland OR, several of us are planning the trek- hope to see you there.

Rick Knowles, NorthWest Airgunning

Name Class Rifle Scope Pellet Velocity Score
Vaughn, Noel P P LG300 Tasco JSB 840 41
Saunders, Brent I Mako Leupold CPL 800 41
Knowles, Rick I EV2 Nikko JSB 795 41
Gere, David P P70 Burris Kodiak 750 40
Dodge, JD P EV2 Leapers JSB 800 30
 Benson, Jim P P70 Burris JSB 840 29
Lee, Dominic S HW97 Bushnell FTS 840 30
Lee, Howard S Pro Sport Leapers JSB 800 29
Mickel, John S R11 Leapers JSB 800 21
Cooke, Terry S FWB300 Leapers H&N 660 21
Tiffany, Andre S RWS48 Leapers Kodiak   19
Mickel, Sara H S200 Leapers JSB 800 77
Calhoun, John H RWS 54 RWS Kodiak 800 73
Tiffany, Morgan H RWS 34 TWS CPL   51