2010 Nationals Match Report

The weather could not have been better!  We had probably two of the best days for shooting (if you like shooting in the wind, at least) that we could have wished for!  Saturday was very windy with gusts (reported) to be 30mph.  Sitting on the ground in the forest, one would think that wind would not be horribly important, but once you hold off 2" to windward of the kill zone to watch a pellet land about 2" on the opposite side of the kill zone (or miss the target completely), you quickly realize that this is not something that most of us experience very often even if you go out and shoot in the wind.

Thursday before the match was very rainy with a nor'easter (North Easter to non-east coast residents) swirling up the Atlantic coast.  By afternoon on Thursday, conditions were getting better and one could begin to hope for the forecast "good days" for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The rain slowed down preparations for the match somewhat, but we did the "inside" stuff while waiting for better weather. 

Sunday's weather was far less windy but still had enough that at least the International shooters had to be careful.  Interestingly, after the extreme winds of Saturday, the problem was not holding off enough but holding off too much.  Sort of a negative wind effect.


The course difficulties were (approximately) 32 for lanes 1-15 and 34 for lanes 16-30.  These difficulty ratings do not include any wind or dark target factors, so the actual difficulty was obviously far harder on Saturday with the high winds and it was always shady.

There was a MD error on lane 16 -- I had intended to put a 1" reducer in the University of Maryland mascot and mistakenly put in a 1/2" reducer.  Even with the exceptional difficulty, several people got it twice! 13 hits were made by the 37 Hunter, Offhand, and Piston shooters Saturday in extremely windy conditions. 32 hits were made by the 44 PCP and International PCP shooters on Sunday (far less wind). The far target on lane 30 (crow/raven) failed to operate properly with 12fpe guns and was "given" to everyone. The near target (7-Up can) on lane 19 had a flag in front of the kill zone on Saturday -- that target was removed from the match on Saturday.  Robert Ray was doing the adjustments while I was furiously entering scores, so I am not sure exactly what happened but assume Robert "did the math" correctly.  My apologies for these targets -- we should have tested them better but ran out of time.

Kudos To:

Many thanks to those who helped make this a successful Nationals.  They include our sponsors:  Pyramyd Air, Crosman, Mac1 Airguns, Sightron, Yegua Target Company, and Airguns of Arizona. Pyramyd Air donated an EV2, Crosman a Marauder, Mac1 donated a USFT and two LD pistols, Yegua Target Company $100 and two targets (a Maryland Crab and the U of MD Mascot Terrapin), Airguns of Arizona a Daystate Buckmaster, and Sightron a SIII 10-50X60 MilDot scope. RIck McAllister loaned us 30 Stoutenburg targets that were used on lanes 16-30.

In addition, we had many volunteers: Phil Dean, Bill Gazdik, Jan Vandenberg, Steve LeFebvre, Carole Poth, Don Hunt, Karl Krchma, Nick Green, Mary Hunt, Steve Schulz, Robert Ray, and Laura Apelles.  Without their help and guidance, we could not have been able to have this match. 


The balloting for the change in the bylaws to change the voting pattern to two Board of Governors (BOG) per year instead of the current 3-3-0 pattern was passed with 11 "Yes" votes and 2 "No" votes.  For this and next year, the voting will continue to elect three BOG members but the person with the lowest vote count will serve for two years and the other two for three years.  After two years of this pattern, every year will have two BOG members elected for three-year terms for a 2-2-2 pattern.

The BOG election resulted in Robert Crocker receiving 13 votes, Brad Troyer 11, Joe McDaniel 11, Joe Korick 5, and Wayne Burns 4.  Joe McDaniel volunteered to be the 3rd place winner. Thus, Robert Crocker and Brad Troyer will serve for 3 years (just about said "term") and Joe McDaniel for 2 years.

The 2011 Nationals will be hosted by the Good Ole Boys in Pulaski, TN.  The date has not been set, but will be either the first or second weekend in October of 2011 according to Roz Sumpter.

Match Results

Rifle Division 2-Day
Shooter Saturday
1 89 Day, Bill 41 48
2 87 Garvey, Charles 38 49
3 83 Brown, JC 44 39
4 79 Canoles, Ed 36 43
  76 Shirhall, Greg 33 43
  72 Sheffield, Jim 32 40
  68 Stack, Edward 32 36
  64 Felton, Robert W 28 36
  60 Price, Bill 25 35
  58 Erler, Joseph 23 35
  54 LaRocca, Jerry 26 28
  54 Vess, C Steven 26 28
  53 Neumaster, Terry 25 28
  51 Stephens, Andrew 18 33
  39 Quinn, John G 16 23
  28 Cass, Greg 12 16
  13 Galyen, David K 10 3
Mizell, David

International PCP        
1 99 Omictin, Guy Edsel 51 48
2 95 Harford, Ian 47 48
3 95 Paddock, Jeff 41 54
4 94 Knowles, Rick 46 48
  94 Apelles, Ray 45 49
  91 Rushton, Matthew 40 51
  89 Vinson, Doug 46 43
  89 McAllister, Rick 39 50
  89 MacSweyn, Tim 41 48
  84 McDaniel, Joe 37 47
  81 Mathisen, Donald 42 39
  68 Holland, Tom 33 35
  64 Jordan, Chuck 28 36
  49 Vandenberg, Jan 26 23
International Piston        
1 90 Reyes, Jonathan 39 51
2 79 Peretti, Tom 32 47
3 78 Brackett, Matt 30 48
4 76 Harde, George 33 43
  70 Smith, Clifford 29 41
  66 Carkhuff, Don 31 35
  65 Duran, Leo 31 34
  63 Knoblauch, Keith 27 36
1 46 Wilcox, Jim 19 27
  45 Bowne, Larry 18 27
  43 Martin, Mark C 20 23
  36 Benson, William L (Dale) 20 16
1 111 Rushton, Harold 54 57
2 109 Ingram, Johnny 54 55
3 105 Miller, Doug 51 54
4 104 Schilsky, Reinder 54 50
  104 Plauche, Paul 53 51
  102 Malinconico, Michael 52 50
  100 Miller, Vipha 50 50
  100 Irvine, Don 50 50
  98 Manarte, John 50 48
  97 Ray, Robert S 46 51
  91 Eden, Dennis 42 49
  91 Dziedzic, Bartek 43 48
  90 Liu, Keng-Hao 42 48
  89 Alsop, David 41 48
  88 Lipsmire, Brian 45 43
  86 McMurray, Tim 46 40
  85 Taylor, Donovan W 41 44
  85 Apelles, Hans 41 44
  85 Grable, Les 39 46
  83 Jones, R. Thomas 39 44
  83 Guilmette, Roger J 44 39
  83 Palminteri, Anthony 42 41
  80 O'Brien, Pat 37 43
  79 Clelland, Jill 37 42
  76 Schultz, Ed 41 35
  65 Reno, Brett 37 28
  64 Otten, Dick 27 37
  50 Martin, Crystal 28 22
  47 Martin, Jim 20 27
  39 Lipinski, Stan 31 8
  39 Otter, Al 39 0

1 96 Hughes, Ken 52 44
2 87 Bishop, Paul 44 43
3 80 Medina Gomez, Hector Jose 41 39
4 80 Sumpter, Roz 36 44
  78 Zeman, Ron 31 47
  75 Yee, Kevin 27 48
  73 Diaz, Abe 27 46
  71 Gori, Aurelius (Rex) 25 46
  53 Ruf, Veronica 20 33
  53 Amedeo, Paolo 25 28


High woman was Vipha Miller and High Senior was Les Grable.

In Pistol FT, the results were:

PFT Iron/Red Dot
LaRocca, Jerry 18
Irvine, Don 14
Apelles, Ray 14
Day, Bill 12
MacSweyn, Tim 10
Hunt, Donald 7
Holland, Tom 5
Amedeo, Paolo 3
Eden, Dennis 3
Shirhall, Greg 3
Jordan, Chuck 1

Scoped PFT Scores
Apelles, Hans 18  
Apelles, Ray 22  
Bowne, Larry 17  
Lipsmire, Brian 21  
Schultz, Ed 18  

Team Results

Team Member Score
California Doug Miller 105
  Vipha Miller 100
  Guy Omictin 99
  Jonathan Reys 90
  Total 394
  Don Irvine 100
  Dennis Eden 91
  Tim MacSweyn 89
  Tom Peretti 79
  Total 359
Good Ole Boys Harold Rushton 111
  Robert Ray 97
  Matthew Rushton 91
  Charles Garvey 87
  Total 386
  Mike Malinconico 102
  John Manarte 98
  Bartek Dziedzic 91
  Anthony Palminteri 83
  Total 374
  Don Irvine 100
  Dennis Eden 91
  Tim MacSweyn 89
  Tom Peretti 79
  Total 359
  Johnny Ingram 109
  David Alsop 89
  Jim Sheffield 72
  Leo Duran 65
  Total 335
  Ray Apelles 94
  Hans Apelles 85
  Ed Schultz 76
  Crystal Martin 50
  Total 305

For those that want the equipment, here is the table (some information may be incorrect as shooters were allowed to change divisions up until the first shot):

Shooter State Rifle Scope Pellet Senior
Alsop, David TX DA110

Amedeo, Paolo MD TX200 MK III Tasco 10-40X50 CPL  
Apelles, Hans NY Marauder Match Leupold Comp 35X CPH *
Apelles, Ray NY Marauder Match Leupold Comp 35X CPL  
Bishop, Paul CT HW98 Leupold Comp 35 FTS  
Bishop, Trudy CT Benjamin Marauder Night Hunter Elite 10-40X56 CPL  
Bowne, Larry PA AA Prosport Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24 JSB  
Brackett, Matt MA TX200 Mark III Bushnell 8-32 JSBE  
Brown, JC WV Falcon FN19 Optisan Viper 3-12X JSBEH  
Burns, Wayne OR USFT #6 Nikko 10-50X60 CPH  
Canoles, Ed NC Beeman R9 Bushnell Elite 4200 4-16 CPL *
Carkhuff, Don IL TX200 Nightforce 36X FT CPL  
Cass, Greg MD RWS 460 Hawke 4-12 Airmax CP .22  
Clelland, Jill PA Steyr LG100 ZM BSA 10-50X60 Kodiak Match  
Day, Bill ME HW100 Bushnell Elite 6500 4.5-16X56 JSBEH  
Diaz, Abe VA TX200 Bushnell 6-24 JSB
Duran, Leo TX TX200SR Leupold Comp 40X FTS  
Dziedzic, Bartek CT Steyr LG110 FT Nikko 10-50X60 CPH
Eden, Dennis ON theoben MFR Leupold Comp 35X CPH  
Erler, Joseph WV USFT Hunter Hawke 4-14 JSBEH  
Felton, Robert W WV USFT Hunter Hawke 8-32 JSBEH  
Galyen, David K IL BAM XSB51 XD Optics CP
Garvey, Charles TN FWB P70 AZ Nikko 10-50X60 JSBEH
Gori, Aurelius (Rex) MD Pro Sport Leupold 6.5-20 EFR JSB
Grable, Les MI Steyr LG100 ZM Nikko 10-50X60 CPH *
Guilmette, Roger J FL Steyr LG100 Nightforce 36X FT CPH  
Harde, George ON AA TX200 Bushnell 8-32 JSB  
Harford, Ian UK Air Arms EV2

Holland, Tom NY Steyr LG110 GT Sightmark 10-40X56 Air Arms Field  
Hughes, Ken GA Whiscombe JW65 MKII Leupold 35X JSBEH  
Ingram, Johnny TX Steyr LG110 ZM Nikko 10-50X60 JSHEH
Irvine, Don On Steyr LG100 FT Schmidt & BendeFT 12.5-50r JSBEH  
Jones, R. Thomas MD P70 Nikko JSB
Jordan, Chuck VA AA EV2 BSA 6-24X44 JSBE
Knoblauch, Keith MD TX200HC Bushnell 4200 8-32 JSBE  
Knowles, Rick WA AA EV2 Nikko JSB  
LaRocca, Jerry NY Beeman R9 Bushnell Legend JSB  
Lipinski, Stan
CRX Bushnell 5-24X JSBE
Lipsmire, Brian IL ZM Rapid MKII BSA 10-50X CPH
Liu, Keng-Hao MD Weihrauch HW100 Leupold 14.5-35X JSBE  
MacSweyn, Tim ON AA S410 Hawke 8-32 JSB  
Malinconico, Michael NY Steyr LG110FT Nikko 10-50X60 CPH  
Manarte, John NY Theoben MFR AZ Nikko 10-50 CPH  
Martin, Crystal NY Challenger 4-16X56 CPH  
Martin, Jim NY Challenger Center Point 8-32X56 CPH  
Martin, Mark C MD FX Logun Solo BSA 4-16 CPH  
Mathisen, Donald PA Air Arms EV2 Bushnell Elite 8-32X Air Arms 4.52mm  
McAllister, Rick VA AA NJR Storey 36X AA 8.44  
McDaniel, Joe MD Steyr LG100ZM Leupold 35X CPL *
McMurray, Tim CA Simple Simon #7 Nikko 10-50X60 CPH  
Medina Gomez, Hector Jose CT Diana 54 Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12X JSB .20  
Miller, Doug CA FWB P70 DM Nikko 10-50 CPH  
Miller, Vipha CA FWB P70 DM Leupold 30X CPH  
Mizell, David IL Logun Solo Leaper 4X16 JSB  
Neumaster, Terry NY Marauder Prototype Centerpoint 3-12X44 CPH  
O'Brien, Pat TN USFT Carbine Nikko 10-50 JSBEH
Omictin, Guy Edsel CA Steyr LG110 Nikko 10-50X60 JSBE
Otten, Dick FL USFT Leupold 35X JSBEH  
Otter, Al MD USFT Schmidt & Bender CPH
Paddock, Jeff OH Air Arms EV2 Leupold Comp 35X JSB 8.4  
Palminteri, Anthony NY Theoben MFR Nikko 10-50
Peretti, Tom ON TX200SR Nikko 10-50X60 JSBE
Plauche, Paul LA USFT Nikko 10-50X CPH  
Price, Bill VA B26 Centerpoint 4-16
Quinn, John G MD Daystate Air Wolf Hawke Diabolo  
Ray, Robert S TN USFT Nikko 10-50X60 JSB  
Reno, Brett TX Ripley Custom BSA 10-50 CPH  
Reyes, Jonathan CA TX200 Mark III Nikko 10-50X JSBE  
Ruf, Veronica CT HW95 Leapers 3-12X40 JSBE  
Rushton, Harold AL USFT #19 Leupold Comp 35X CPH  
Rushton, Matthew AL USFT #19 Leupold Comp 35X CPH  
Sauve, Greg WI Steyr LG100 ZM Nikko 10-50X60 JSBEH  
Schilsky, Reinder IL Steyr LG110 ZM Nikko 10-50X60 JSBEH  
Schultz, Ed NY Maruader Prototype Bushnell 4200 CPH  
Sheffield, Jim TX FWB P70 Nikko 10-50X60 JSBEH  
Shirhall, Greg NY Be njamin Marauder Leapers 8-32 CPH  
Smith, Clifford FL TX200 Bushnell Elite 4200 8-32 JSB *
Stack, Edward IL USFT Nikko 10-50X60 H&N Barracuda Match  
Stephens, Andrew VA Gamo Silver Shadow Hawke 4-16X50 JSB  
Sumpter, Roz TN Park RH93 Hawke 8.5-25X JSBEH *
Taylor, Donovan W FL Steyr LG110AZ Leupold Comp 35X CPH  
Vandenberg, Jan MD Marauder Leapers 4-16 JSBE  
Vess, C Steven OR Marauder Hawke CPH  
Vinson, Doug GA Ripley Leupold 35X JSBEH  
Wilcox, Jim PA Falcon FN19 Nikko 10-50X60 JSBEH
Yee, Kevin CA TX200 Tasco Custom Shop JSB  
Zeman, Ron FL TX200SR Burris 8-32 Beeman FTS