WWCCA May 16th 2010 Field Target Report

WWCCA had its first Field target event Sunday May 16th and we were blessed with a beautiful day with some high clouds and comfortable temperature around 62 degrees when we finished picking up the course around 1:45 PM. 16 shooters came out to shot and had a wonderful day, shooting on lanes that WWCCA hasnít had shooters on in years.

Ken Matson, Mark Rupert, my brother Joe, Karen and I setup the practice range and cleared the lanes so we could shoot on the walk through range in about 4 hours. We have had some stormy weather over the past few weeks and boy was I surprised when Mark and I took a ride to survey the range to get ready to set the course. A huge dead ash tree had fallen across 3 of our usual lanes we use and 5 more of our other regular lanes were basically a swamp. So we all gathered together to figure out what we were going to do for ten lanes. Joe and I figured that we could use a combination of the regular offhand lane and the lanes we were looking at preparing this year so we can have 20 lanes available to shoot. With Mark manning the loppers and with Ken working the weed wacker we managed to get the 10 lanes cleared and ready for the targets. Joe mentioned that he was sure glad that we had helpers this month that werenít afraid to get dirty; most times we are the ones that look like the creature from the black lagoon. We could only place targets to about 35 yards and the 60 shot course had a troyer rating of 29.1 which seemed to be a good rating for our first event.

Sunday greeted us with cars in the parking lot as Karen and I arrived at the club around 8:45 AM it takes a lot of time and effort to do the events and it seems that it is starting to be worth the effort.  We are grateful and want to thank everyone for showing up to shoot with us.  We paired the participants so there would be a experienced shooter with a new shooter which always seems to work out well. 

On lane one, the offhand lane Marty Carie and his son Aaron who shot in hunter class were paired together. Marty had a hard time believing that some of the small kill zone targets didnít fall but Aaron dispelled his doubts as he knocked them down.  On lane two Jeff Paddock and Mark Rupert a new WWCCA member and first time field target shooter started their day on the range. Jeff had the top score of the day with a 58 in International PCP and Mark shot a fantastic score for his first field target match and with open sights no less. Lane four had Chris Pryjomski and me shooting together and my impression of a somewhat easier course was changed quickly as I missed my first five shots. Iím also trying out hunter class this season and with a new gun, a freshly ranged scope and questionable numbers for my mil dots, I figured it was going be a long day. On lane five David Dowling another WWCCA member was paired with Rick McKean and they worked together on Davidís first event and while shooting Rick had an issue with his new setup. Luckily Rick had brought another gun because after 3 lanes his gun had issues and his score dropped some but he still shot a respectable score in the end. Lane seven had Andy Wong paired with his buddy Wilfred Greaves a first timer, and they had a great day shooting together. We need more shooters like Andy and Wilfred who come out to have fun with their toys. Andyís scores have steadily been going up, and it looks like he getting it figured out. On lane eight Jim Stanis was shooting with Ken Matson another first time shooter and Iím sure he gained some valuable insight of the FT game from Jim. Jim also is the purveyor of Precision Airguns in Dryden Michigan and a fine man to get your equipment from or to pick his brain for advice. On lane nine Rick Broughton and Jerry Smith started their day together. Rick had just worked up some numbers for his hunter class setup but he finished well with a 41. Jerry had upgraded his shooting stick from a window scraper to a baseball bat with a custom grip on top. It is great to have competitors who have fun with it and have a genuine good time just getting out and shooting. My wife Karen started on lane ten with BB Gun Bob and they sure had a wonderful day shooting the course. Karenís day was also topped off with her top Piston class score of 28. She edged out BB Gun Bob by three shots and Bob said that lane nine wasnít easy. He only had one target go down but Karen shot her best lane of the day with 5 kills and that was the difference. BB Gun Bob was happy with his best score in a field target match at WWCCA.

Everyone pitched in to help pick up and store the targets in what seemed to be record time, it sure help when you have 16 people helping to get the job done.


Jeff Paddock Air Arms EV-2 Leupold Comp 35 .177 JSB Exact Intíl PCP 58
Jim Stanis Theoben MFR Leupold .177 JSB PCP 54
David Dowling Air Arms 400 Not Listed .22 JSB PCP 39
Ken Matson Daystate mk3 Nikko .177 JSB PCP 12


Karen Engelhardt HW-97K Nikko .177 CPL 28
Bob Schlund HW-97K Leapers .20 FTS 25
Mark Rupert HW-95 Open Sight .20 11
Wilfred Greaves Diana BSA .177 3


Marty Carie Marauder .177 CPH Leapers 4-12 45
Rick Broughton Theoben MFR .177 H&N Hawke 4-12 41
Tim Engelhardt FX T12 .177 CPH Weaver V24 @12 power 35 *
Aaron Carie Discovery .177 JSB Pro-Air 4-12 35 *
Rick McKean Rapid & HW-100 .177 CPH Sightron 25
Chris Pryjomski RWS 34 .177 JSB 3x9 24
Andy Wong Discovery .177 CPL Leapers 4-16-56 @12 power 22
Gerald Smith R 9 .20 JSB Burris 4-12 12

Note * Tie Breaker was determined by the longest string without a miss as is the standard practice at WWCCA. 

Your browser may not support display of this image. After we completed our clean up several of our participants joined us for lunch and some beverages in the club house. Everyone had a wonderful day on the range and Karen and I want to thank everyone who came out and we hope to see you on June 6th for the second field target match of the year.

Tim and Karen Engelhardt