YAGC June 20 Match Results

It was a hot Father's day at the Yegua Air Gun Club in Texas this past weekend.  Shooters met at 10:30 AM to start the rifle field target competition and again at 1 PM for the pistol field target competition.  The rifle course was set up with 2 shots per target and 3 targets per lane over 7 lanes for a total of 42 shots.  The challenge this match was the proliferation of 3/8 inch KZs at the 10 to 15 yard range.  Some of them appeared to have smaller KZs than .177 inches, but appearances can be deceiving.  There had to be at least 1 of the tiny buggers on each lane.  If you didn't like small KZs, it wasn't gonna be your day to shine.  The wind was slight out of the southeast and seemed to give less problems than the small KZs did.  There were a few inch and a half targets lingering in the 45 to 50 yard range on a few of the lanes. 

Johnny Ingram made it look easy, coming in first overall.  Jim Sheffield was just happy he had beat his wife's, Karen's, score.  That doesn't happen much.  We had a few newer shooters show up and a guest.  Drew Roberts, son of one of the members, had just graduated from West Point and was home on break before he heads out for boom boom school (artillery) at Ft. Sill in a month, and had the chance to visit and shoot.  The scores grouped fairly well and the course provide a decent challenge for most shooters.  One of the targets started to tip forward during the match, due to folks pulling hard on the reset string, and had to be re-leveled so it would trip correctly.  All else seemed to go fairly smoothly.

One thing we all noticed was a recent switch from PCP to Hunter class for many of the shooters.  PCP seemed to be the dominant class for most matches, and now Hunter lass seems to be the dominant class for shooters.  We can't help but wonder if other clubs are seeing this shift.

The Pistol course was set up with 7 lanes, 2 shots per target and 3 targets on all but one lane, which had only two targets for a total of 40 shots.  One of the 3 target lanes was designated a standing lane, and had an inch target in the 11 to 13 yard range (just a wild guess).  It also had two each inch and a half targets in the 15 to 18 yard range (another SWAG).  Scores seemed to have a good spread and no one came close to cleaning the course.  The most popular complaint was "just a dumb miss, I shouldn't have missed it." 

Hunter Class:

PCP Class:


Pistol FT: