Haverhill FT September 5 Match Results

Man, the weather couldn't have been nicer for yesterday's field target shoot at the Haverhilll Hound, Rod and Gun Club in Massachusetts. Although it seemed like almost every meteorological aspect of the day was variable, including the spotty sunlight in the dark forest lanes, the cool to warming temperatures, and the wicked snaking winds, which gusted, were calm, blew from the left one second and then strong from the opposite direction the next. It seemed sometimes like last minute changes in hold-off were frequently necessary in order to get the pellets near the kill zones - especially for those of us shooting lower-powered rigs! 

We had 10 shooters who both enjoyed and lightly cursed such conditions. Good buds John M. and John A. teamed up and shot their laser QB and Discovery rigs respectively in Hunter class. Paul Bishop and his wife Trudi made the trip to join us this go 'round and they brought some rifles kitted out with Paul's lovely stocks. Paul shot an early model 12 fl/lb TX200, and Trudi shot Open class with an excellent, custom Marauder. Their squad was rounded out by Bill D. who shot a newly set up HW100 in Hunter class, which was equipped with a rare single-shot loading clip - nice! Ken P. shot his HW97 with Len S., who shot this time with his FWBP70 hammer in Open. The final squad was made up of Tim C. shooting Open with his HW100, me shooting my 12 ft/lb TX200III, and Al L. shooting his fine FWB124 in Hunter. 

Match designers Tim and Ken had done a wonderful job with the layout of the 50-shot course, this time with numerous targets perched high up in trees of the 10 lanes. Lane one began with a cursed 3/8" coiled serpent target at 15 yards which became notorious throughout the match. Many of us were branded by the call "snake bit!" before moving on to the "ducky hunt" with a 51-yard long shot in lane 2 with the green duck target against the far green foliage. Then lane five presented a split option, where one could only shoot at the left two targets from a left-seated position, and then a scoot to the right was required to shoot around a foliated tree trunk and under bush branches at the blind rat up in a 30-yard tree. 

Lane six, "the bowling alley," appears straightforward as a clean, flat lane out to 52 yards. But at first glance it appeared only to contain the one, far bottle target. Upon closer inspection, one can finally make out the green soda can against the green backdrop, and then the gray crow set against a dark patch of undergrowth. Are you kidding me? This course is often more about locating targets, let alone ranging them, except when you need to locate the kill zone in the target, like with the entirely-yellow canary in lane 9. Devious. 

The course was closed with two off hand targets in lane 10. And these weren't easy, folks. I overheard Tim declare that he considers offhand lanes as write offs, but at least he and Len proceeded to score 3 out of 4 hits. That kind of display is daunting at the end of a challenging match. 

Back at the range shed, Tim drew the number for the day's raffle, and the new, Gamo squirrel field target with reducers was won by John M. That'll come in handy for practice before squirrel season, John! Congratulations. And congratulations too to Bill D., who was the match winner with 43/50. We also have Bill to thank for the following photos of the day's fun. 

And finally, mark your calendars on October 3rd for the Massachusetts State Match which will be held at Haverhill. There will be mysterious pumpkin targets. And look for them in the trees happy.gif