Desoto Air Gunners
03/13/2011 Golf Scored Field Target Match

It was a fantastic sunny day, perfect for a golf outing or for a Field Target Shoot. In southwest Florida, Desoto Airgunners Club has combined the fun and frustration of golf with the challenges of field target shooting in their annual Golf Scored Field Target Match. This years' event was held under a cloudless deep blue sky and with very little wind. Temperatures gently rose from the low 60's at sight-in to around 80 at the conclusion of the match.

With the price of fuel so high it was good to see several shooters able to carpool for their trek across the state to share in the fun. We enjoyed a turnout of 11 shooters ( 4 Piston, 7 PCP shooters) and one very serious observer who promised to join in very soon. A few competitors were shooting by "International Rules" and doing quite well. Today's event included 7 lanes, a total of 20 targets (holes) which challenged shooters and included a couple forced off-hand targets. Considering the difficulty of the course the scores were pretty tight except for Donovan Taylor's smoking performance with his USFT. He managed a PERFECT SCORE of ZERO ! Phenomenal Shooting !

Also of note in the Piston Division......Dick Otten.....dedicated long time field target enthusiast achieved a FIRST PLACE effort with a score of 22. Dick reminded me this was his best placing in any piston event since 1999. Enjoy your well earned glory Dick !

Just to review this in golf... low score wins. Up to three shots are allowed in attempt to knock the target down. Miss all 3 shots at the target and you score a 4. Hit on your third shot, score a 3; hit on your second shot, score a 2; hit on your first shot, a "hole in one", you score it a 1..AND, you'll have the option of taking another shot at that same target. If you kill it again you are scored a "0" for that target. However, if you miss on that second shot, you score a 2 for that target. This risk - reward factor becomes a big part of the game. Knowing which target to "double up on" can sometimes be key to winning a golf scored match. [Donovan chose all of them.]

There were enough (apparently) "easy" targets that even the most conservative of shooters were tempted to take that second shot after a good first shot. As we all know even the simple ones are never a sure thing. There was agony across the face of several shooters after missing a "gimme", especially when their score ballooned from a potential zero to a 2 when they missed their elected second shot.

A fun time was had by all and I would suggest that other Field Target Clubs give this unique twist to Field Target Shooting a try.


Name Rifle Scope Pellet Score
Donovan Taylor USFT Sightron III 50 JSB-H 0!!!
Jim Baumann Marauder Burris 8-32 CPH 12
Roger Guilnette USFT Nikko 10-50 CPH 13
Ron Zeman LG100ZM Nikko 10-50X JSB-H 13
Bill Liles AA ProTarget Bush Elite 8-32 14
Ed Escue Huntsman Hakko 8-32 CPH 22
Bill Shade Marauder Hawke 8-32 CPH 23
Dick Otten TX200SR Nightforce 36 JSB 8.4 22
Fred Poole TX200 Bush Elite 6-24 JSB 8.4 23
Cliff Smith TX200 B&L 6-24 CPL 24
Jim Getzen AA ProSport Hawke 8-25 AA FT 27