July 16, 2011

There were 22 shooters who participated in the match.  A special "thank you" to Crosman and Prosperousa companies for their donations of pellets and pellet holding cases that were used as prizes in the drawing.  Also, those individuals who contributed to the prizes with their individual contributions are to be commended.

Several individuals suggested having a 'swap table' for airgun related items set up at the next match.  This would be an area under a canopy where you could display any airguns or related items you would like to sell or trade.  Transactions would be conducted after the match so as not to interfere with the progress of the firing.  Any items displayed would need to have your name attached along with the price so people know whom to contact.  Please let me know if you would be interested in such an activity so we will know if it is worth setting up.

Hunter   PCP   Offhand   WFT  
Jeff Deyesu 49 Thomas Jones 52 Dale Benson 33 Ray Apelles 53
Ed Canoles 43 Al Otter 52 Mark Martin 28 Chuck Jordan 52
Bill Price 41 Henry Estephanio 43 Andy Stephens 25 Hans Apelles 50
Singson Tie 29     AJ Stephens 17 Keith Knoblauch 48
Tim Avera 29         Paolo Amedeo 46
Phil Dean 27         Jan Vanderberg 45
Bill Gazdik 23         Rex Gori (piston) 39
Steve Lefebvre 11