MAFTA State Championship September 10

The course was a "straight from the shoulder" Troyer value of 38. That means we didn't add anything for our kneeling and standing shots, or for the wind, or for elevated targets up in trees.

John Jiracek announced his retirement from being Club President after this season.

(Adapted from John's notes on the match.)

Classification Name Score Rifle Scope Pellet
  John Jiracek 59 Steyr LG100 Nikko 10-50 CPH
  Neil Younggren 55 Steyr LG100ZM BSA 10-50 CPH
  Cheng Lo 52 Steyr LG110ZM Nikko 10-50 JSBEH
  Pete Brooks 45 FX Indy Nikko JSBEH
  Dan Owen 44 Steyr LG100 BSA 10-50 CPH
  Karen Skogen 38 NJR Burris 8-32 CPH
  Mark Catlin 47 Steyr LG100 BSA 10-50 JSB
  Ron Carlson 38 AR EV2 BSA AA 8.4

Rodney Skogen 42 RWS Cutlas Accushot CPH
  Mike Schmeling 44 Maurader Hawke 6-24 CPH