7th Annual Republic of Texas

Field Target Roundup

March 11th, 12th& 13th, 2011


I wanted to start the match report giving a shout out:  ROT 2011 qualified for the First Grand Prix event of the year as we were able to get 20 qualified shooters.  Scott and his team did a fantastic job setting up the shoot, I know many of these guys and gal worked tirelessly in the weeks prior to get ready for the match.  Event could have not taken place without all of the hard work from Scott and Raschel York, Leo Duran, Philip Reedy, Ron Robinson, Mike Vredenburg, Mike Likins along with several others.  A special shout out to Carlos Garza as he spent a few solo trips to the range prior to the event: tuning targets, painting, trimming lanes, mowing etc!  We are blessed to have such a strong team at Yegua!  Thanks to each of you for all of your hard work! 

March is here and it’s time for the 7th annual Republic of Texas Field target match… Somerville, Texas in March is the perfect time to host an outdoor activity match like a good ole’ Field Target Match, Texas Style!  Shooters started traveling in on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.  We are very fortunate to have several out-of-state shooters join us in Texas for our annual match.    We’ve had several shooters that have made multiple ROT matches.  One shooter in particular, George Hamilton; I believe this was his 6th consecutive ROT match to attend.  A few other shooters drove in from Tennessee, Louisiana, and as far away as Illinois.  I wasn’t able to make the Friday events but was able to keep tabs on what was going on via text messaging with fellow shooters.  Truth be told, I think they were really teasing me that I had to work while they were out there enjoying the club and perfect weather, well if you call sunny with 20+ mph wind perfect!?   The wind would stick around all weekend and as some of you know we have some protected lanes, some lanes with gullies and drainages that make for some pretty hairy wind doping ‘guess’timations!

Saturday morning Scott calls for a shooters meeting to review all of the important safety concerns, the basic rules and announce the squads for the day.  Scott and his beautiful assistant did a great job organizing the groups placing some of the newer shooters with our resident experts that would serve as their guide and mentor.  Scott concluded the safety/shooters meeting and the groups were sent to the Longhorn course. 

Shooters started making their way to the Longhorn course that we would tackle for the first day.  Scott arranged everyone to be on the same course with similar lighting and weather conditions.  He designed a really challenging course for us to begin the weekend.  I was matched up with local club mate Leo Duran and one of our guests from Louisiana, Paul Plauche’. 9:00am and we were off right on time…  Not sure how my squad choose shooting order, but I ended up the 2nd shooter on day 1.  That turned out to be perfect as I was able to get around and snap a few photos for the first day (ok 70+ pics, but hey its digital).  The Longhorn course is an oval shooting circle so you are able to visit and see other shooters.  I knew I would not have much opportunity for photos on the Aggie course on day 2 as the layout is long and a little more stretched out between shooting boxes.  As we were finishing our last few lanes, I guess the wind was carrying some sweet BBQ scent down the lanes, my squad started talking about what Keith had been working up for us to enjoy the first day.   We finished up, tallied our scores and ran up to the practice range and picnic area.  As we chowed-down on Keith’s “fall-off-the-bone Chicken and Ribs” the chatter about the course picking out notable targets and sharing scores.  Several solid scores were turned in for day one. 

Day 2, Scott paired the groups 2 per squad so that we could get through the course quickly on Sunday to allow for early departures for our traveling friends who had 6 to 12 hour drives back home.  The groups were assigned with peer groups and those needing partnered to share equipment, etc.  I was paired for the day with my good friend David Alsup from Dallas.  As we made our way to our shooters box, David says to me, “well since you are the best looking of the bunch, I guess you can shoot first for the day!”  (OK, that isn’t exactly what he said, but we will just go with that! ;-) )  We walked into the box, seeing the “kneeling” sign for us to start the day.  Well I guess this is the best time to get rolling, start with the kneeling so we had the rest of the day to walk off the scrunched up position.  I was happy to get those kneelers out of the way early as this was old hat for David, he is used to smacking these forced position shots with ease.  We both started rolling along with a good start and cleaned the kneelers.  Next few lanes, David and I were talking about the little run of targets and the difficulty to start the day.  As we were rolling back to the far end of the Aggie course, we could start to feel more of the wind from down the road of the practice range. Back half of the Aggie course was for certain a challenge with those small kill zones, combined with the building wind. We made it past the lake and onto the Standing lane right on the road.  The stander position put the shooter near the road where you could feel and hear the wind coming from the practice range.  I was trying not to think about the targets ahead of me, I kept telling myself “one shot at a time” We made it past the Standing lane…Woohoo.  Wasn’t a long shot, but the wind was enough to keep you puckered…  Next couple of lanes we had some pretty strong wind…Time to start the doping for the wind!  We made it past the windy lanes, I believe I was holding 4-5 mildots on my Nikko.  Walking to lane 1, with only 2 lanes to go, I let the “clean the course” thought pop in my head… It was a little walk from lane 15 to lane 1.  I setup my gun and took a few deep breaths to clear my head and get back into my routine.  I squared up for the first target which was a ½” kill zone, the edges were beat up and the target was cleverly placed in the shadows; even with the 50x scope made it difficult to see the paddle. I picked out a pellet weld on the paddle and just focused on that spot.  Target went down twice… Second target was the Aggie target, 1” at 38 yards, target went down both times.  After a couple of windy lanes David was back on track and had been lying ‘em down for several lanes in a row. Final lane we approached; I was sort of hoping for something a little straight forward, rather than to finish on a 3/8 and 3/4” Kill zone.  The 10 yard Squirrel had me a little worked up, but I went back to my shot routine that I rely on to keep me focused on what I’m supposed to do.  I set my yardage and I ranged it for just over 10 yards.  I knew I was hitting a little hot on the 10 yard targets at the practice range, so I set my scope for 11 yards and dropped the target both times.  Now for that final ¾” at 32 yards...As I squared up on that kill zone, I found a small paint chip in the center of the kill and just squeezed off my shot, Target fell… Final shot, I rechecked my yardage as the target was reset and I thought my shot was a little high. I just held my cross hair just below that pain chip and dropped the target for the 60th shot.  This was my first big match to clear the course, I was pretty happy to finally get that done…

We made the short walk back to the Picnic area to turn in our cards and time to make our way to lunch.  Keith had prepared Gumbo for lunch on Sunday.  Several made the comment, It was the perfect meal with little chill in the air.  Keith also had some homemade peach cobbler…Turns out peach cobbler is the perfect desert to top off Chicken, Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo!  I think I gained a few pounds over the weekend.   

Scott had started calling out the scores, starting with the Pistol field target and PFT after dark, Mike Vredenburg was crowned champion on both events.  Next were the scores from Rifle Silhouette, David Alsup was first.  Next up were the teams… Scott arranged teams: a piston shooter, along with a Hunter and 2 pcp shooters per team.  Scores for the Team and Match scores below:

                         2011 ROT - Division Results

Division Name Place Longhorn Aggie Total Team Extra Rifle Scope
Hunter Ron Robinson 1 36 39 75 Team3   FX Tarantula Nikko
  Brian Kay 2 31 37 68 Team2   FX Tarantula Nikko
  Carlos Garza 3 35 24 59 Team1   AA S400 Hawke 3-12X56
  Bobby Roberts 4 33 24 57     QB-78 Bushnell 4-16X
  Bob Thiery 5 22 0 22     Marauder Leapers 4-16X
PCP Johnny Ingram 1 57 60 117 Team1   Steyr LG110AZ Nikko 10-50X60
  David Alsup 2 56 55 111 Team3   Theoben MFR-DA March 8-80X56
  Paul Plauche 3 53 54 107 Team2   USFT Nikko 10-56X60
  Reinder Schilsky 4 48 54 102 Team1   Steyr LG110AZ Nikko 10-56X60
  Raschel York 5 52 49 101 Team2 Lady Steyr LG110 BSA 10-50X60
  Sam Ramirez 6 49 47 96     AA S410 Bushnell 8-32X40
  Phillip Reedy 6 50 46 96 Team3   Steyr LG110 Nikko 10-50X60
  Greg Blair 8 49 44 93     USFT Leupold Comp 45
  George Hamilton 9 43 47 90   Senior AA Pro Target Nikko 10-50X60
  Robert Ray 10 42 40 82   WFTF AA EV2 Nikko 10-50X60
  Scott York 11 40 31 71     Steyr LG110 Nikko 10-50X60
  Kelly Kennedy 12 33 17 50     Theoben MFR Hawke 8-32
Piston Leo Duran 1 46 37 83 Team1 WFTF TX200SR Bushnell 8-32X40
  Roz Sumpter 2 42 39 81 Team2 Senior JW-50 Bushnell 6-24X40
  Mike Vredenburg 3 27 39 66 Team3   HW-97K Bushnell 7-21X40

2011 ROT - Team Results

Team Name Division Longhorn Aggie Total
Team1 Reinder Schilsky PCP 48 54 102
  Johnny Ingram PCP 57 60 117
  Carlos Garza Hunter 35 24 59
  Leo Duran Piston 46 37 83
      186 175 361
Team2 Roz Sumpter Piston 42 39 81
  Paul Plauche PCP 53 54 107
  Raschel York PCP 52 49 101
  Brian Kay Hunter 31 37 68
      178 179 357
Team3 Phillip Reedy PCP 50 46 96
  Ron Robinso Hunter 36 39 75
  Mike Vredenburg Piston 27 39 66
  David Alsup PCP 56 55 111
      169 179 348