by Roz Sumpter


We of the GOB match committee congratulate all of this yearís trophy winners and offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to all  in attendance who took the time and suffered the expense to join us here for our twelfth  annual GOB match.  It turned out to be another enjoyable annual event ending a very good twelve year run.

Prior to embarking on this write-up, I looked at all of the comments already posted on the Green FT forum.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of what I intended to say had already been commented on.  Pat OíBrien in particular described the weather conditions perfectly.  I should add  there were periodic gusty winds at lanes #14 and #15 on the  Red course.  This played havoc with some very fine shooters such as Ken Hughes.  In fact, prior to start of competition Ken suggested that I place a wind flag in that area to aid our shooting efforts.  This I did do.  However, a weather gremlin saw fit to remove it prior to Kenís arrival at these lanes.

Being increasingly affected with Ďold-timersí mental disorder,  some forgetfulness on my part caused some  hectic running around at the very start of our first day of competition.  Fortunately it seems I was the only one it had a negative affect on, as it should be.  Other than that, I believe the only other glitches were a few broken strings, causing very brief delays.  We were pleased there were no target malfunctions so no need for aggravating score adjustments.

Only two shoot offs were required to determine winning positions.  Doug Vinson and Ken Hughes (WFTF-PCP) along with David Alsup and Harold Rushton (Open-PCP) faced some extremely challenging targets.  Ken and Harold eventually prevailed, while we onlookers were treated to a true display of shooting skills.

We all ate sumptuously at the end of each round of competition, then continued with good fellowship at organized evening meals in local restaurants.

Though we realize that all things must end at some point in time, itís sobering never the less when it happens.  An involuntary end usually hurts the most, so I prefer having a choice when possible.  The little voice inside me, along with the new ones Iíve become acquainted with in the medical profession, have garnered my full attention.  They do not say panic stop, but they do say ease back on the throttle.

Going forward, I intend to continue our monthly program here at GOB, along with possible one day annual events.  Lord willing, this might last for several years to come.  However, our annual two day GOB Championship matches will no longer be held.  Iíve thoroughly enjoyed contributing to the sport of Field Target shooting, with hope it survives far beyond me.  But most of all Iíve enjoyed the many people I would not have otherwise met but for this game.

How does a person measure the value of his existence?  I say add value to the lives of others and rejoice when they add value to yours.

Let us all continue in the true spirit of this game and enjoy the music while it plays!  Iíll see you on the circuit.  Best wishes to all!


Last Name First Name Div/Class       Rifle    Scope   Pellet Red White Total
Day Bill Hunter-pcp TM1000  CP 4-16x56  H&N 45 45 90
Galyen Dave Hunter-pcp Bam 50  ? CPH 13 8 21
Law Gary Hunter-pcp Marauder UTG 3-12 CPH 37 31 68
Robinson Ron Hunter-PCP HW100 Weaver V16 JSB 10.3gn 54 51 105
Stack Ed Hunter-pcp USFT Nikko H&N Bara Match 43 35 78
Alsup David pcp Alsup March 8-80 CPH 59 58 117
Berry Dottie PCP TM-1000 BSA 10-50 CPH 47 51 98
Chamberlain Greg PCP Steyr   NS   CPH 29  dnf 29
Guilmetie Roger PCP FWB P70 NF36x  JSB 10.3 53 50 103
Hamilton George PCP NJR100 N/F 36 CPH 49 dnf 49
Lipsmire Brian PCP ZM Rapid MkII BSA 10-50 CPH 55 53 108
O'Brien Pat PCP       50 39 89
Roller Walt PCP AA Pro-Target Burris 8-32 CPH 49 51 100
Rushton Harold PCP USFT # 19 Leup Comp 35 CPH 59 58 117
Schilsky Reinder PCP Steyr LG110 ZM Nikko JSB 10.3gn 51 50 101
Sumter Roz PCP TM-1000 NS 10-50X60 CPH 51 55 106
Whitfield John PCP Walther LG300 Sightron 10-50 JSB 10.3gn 54 50 104
Garvey Charles Piston HW97 Leup Comp 35 JSB 8.4  49 44 93
Appeles Ray WFTF-pcp Marauder hybrid Leup Comp 35 CPL 52 52 104
Garland Tommy WFTF-PCP Anchutz 20-25 NF36  CPH 43 44 87
Hughes Ken WFTF-pcp NJR100-SA Lynx 10-50x60 JSB 10.3gn 52 53 105
Ray Robert WFTF-PCP EV2 Leop Comp 35  JSB Xpress 48 48 96
Shimizu Robert WFTF-PCP NJR 100 Tasco 24x CPL 5 16 21
Slade David WFTF-PCP  FWB P-70 ft  Bush 8-32  CPL 49 47 96
Vinson Doug WFTF-pcp Ripley AR5s March 8-80  JSB 8.4 gn 54 51 105
Bradley Rod WFTF-piston Whiscombe 70 6-24x40 JSB Express 51 56 107
Duran Leo WFTF-piston HW 97 Bushnell 8-32 JSB 8.4gn 42 39 81
Medina Hector WFTF-piston WFTF D-54 Horus  4-16x50 JSB Xpress 7.9 38 44 82
Ruf Veronica WFTF-piston HW-95 Hawke 6-24x50 H&N Bara Green 33 33 66
Smith Cliff WFTF-piston TX-200 B&L 6-24x40 JSB 8.4gn 35 39 74
Vines Steve WFTF-piston TX-200 Bush 6-24x40 JSB Xpress 7.9 47 37 84