Elected Officials

The AAFTA Board of Governors (BoG) consists of six elected officials that manage the AAFTA By-Laws, AAFTA Rules and Guidelines, and Treasury for the organization. Since 2012 two BoG members are elected for three-year terms each year.

2017 AAFTA Board of Governors

Tyler Patner (2018)

Vice Chairman

Doug Vinson (2019)


Scott Allen (2020)

Leo Duran (2018)

Keith Knoblauch (2020)

Greg Sauve (2019)


Appointed Officials

The AAFTA Board of Governors appoints the Webmaster for this site. The AAFTA Website is a channel for information for those interested in trying our sport as well as those new to us or highly experienced with Field Target competition. It is also a repository for AAFTA knowledge and history showcasing how-to articles, Q&A, tips and techniques and an extensive archive of past AAFTA Newsletters and Match Results for Regional and National Matches


Leo Duran

Other posts appointed by the Board of Governors. These are not formal appointments and may vary from year-to-year!

WFTF Representative

Greg Sauve


Scott Allen